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Real Food Chart

Real Food Calculator Results: 26% Real Food

The total percentage of Carleton’s food that is considered “Real:” local, organic, fair trade, and/or humane. “Real Food A” refers to foods that satisfy two or more of those categories and “Real Food B” is food that satisfies one category.


Farm Tomatoes

Tomatoes from the Carleton Student Organic Farm:

Each year 2–3 students operate the farm, selling all the produce to Bon Appétit for use in the dining halls.

For more information about Carleton's varied food-related policies, initiatives, and ways to get involved, please visit the pages below.

  • Laura Arneson '15

    Food Recovery Network

    This campus initiative brings together student volunteers, Bon Appetit, and local Rice County organizations to decrease food waste on campus while simultaneously addressing hunger within the local community.
  • Real Food Challenge logo

    Real Food Calculator (2013-2018)

    A tool used by a sub-committee of the Food Alliance to analyze Carleton's current food purchases and look into potential areas for improvement. It is part of the national Real Food Challenge, seeking to create a healthy, just and sustainable food system.
  • The front door to a land of vegetables.

    Carleton Student Organic Farm

    The Carleton Student Organic farm is student-operated a 1.5 acre farm that uses organic techniques and sells produce to our dining halls.
  • Tomatoes galore

    Food Procurement

    Read about Carleton's sustainable food procurement efforts, including those by Bon Appétit, the Carleton Food Alliance, and the Carleton farm.
  • Farm to Fork logo

    Carleton Food Alliance

    Connects food organizations on campus and in the Northfield community to promote collaboration, increase food systems awareness, and help further the local, sustainable food movement.
  • Radio Story

    Carleton's innovative food ecosystem made an appearance on Public Radio Exchange in 2013 featuring several students and staff. The story is a half hour long and Carleton voices are interspersed throughout.