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Carleton Waste Films

Waste Monitoring at Carleton

The Trash Brothers-- Theo Morris from Carleton CAMS on Vimeo.

TRASHED from Theo Morris on Vimeo.


Going Green: The Challenge

Going Green: The Challenge | Isaac Burns, Tanwaporn Ohl, Brit Fryer from Carleton CAMS on Vimeo.


The End of Mother Nature

A documentary about Carleton custodian Randy Peck

The End of Mother Nature from Carleton CAMS on Vimeo.


MPIRG Documentary

Ever wondered where your waste goes once it leaves campus? Carleton MPIRG’s Environmental Taskforce was curious, so they set out on a quest to follow and document the path of Carleton’s waste in May 2011. This 20 minute video shows their visits to the Rice County Landfill, Tennis Sanitation’s recycling center, and the Mulch Store’s municipal composting facility. Through this process, we learn how soon the Rice County Landfill will be filled, how our one-stream recycling gets sorted, and see the differences between a municipal composting facility and the pile of food waste in your backyard. The MPIRG Environmental Taskforce hopes that you enjoy this documentary and are challenged to examine your relationship with waste after watching it!

  • Created 6 May 2011; Published 7 February 2012
    Carleton's Waste

    Students affiliated with MPIRG made a documentary that chronicles Carleton's waste stream.

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