Information for Presenters

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Your Presentation Room

  • Your room will be set up with chairs in rows facing the front. If you would like another arrangement, you are responsible for moving chairs. Please re-set the room prior to the next session. 
  • Your room will be equipped with a speaker podium with a computer connected to a projector and sound. Please arrive at your session early to set up and get your presentation uploaded. 
  • Rooms vary in size and were selected on a totally random basis. If you are in a larger room, microphones are part of the speaker podium. 
  • UMACS Steering Committee Members will be serving as "room hosts" and will introduce all speakers for a specific session. They will also have time cards to keep your presentation to its allotted time. Please respect the time cards and finish in a timely fashion to give all speakers the same opportunity to share. This also allows for the proper amount of time for attendees to ask questions. 
  • Your room host will have contact information for on-call presentation assistance if any issues arise.

 Tips for a Successful Presentation: 

  • Bring a backup copy of your presentation or make sure it is accessible via the internet (ie. email, google drive, or dropbox). 
  • Familiarize yourself with your room. Please do not be late for your presentation session! The room hosts have been instructed to start and end on time. Walk through the building to find your room when you arrive on Friday. 
  • Poster presentations can be set up upon arrival on Friday afternoon. Mounting materials will be provided, see the registration table. 
  • Practice your presentation and time yourself. Leave room for questions in your given timeslot. 
  • Always include contact information if folks have more questions. Build this into your powerpoint or poster. 
  • Questions? See your room host or anyone wearing a UMACS Volunteer button. 

For questions relating to your submission, please email 

Laptops and projectors will be available in each room. 

Posters are to be brought by the presenter, mounting materials will be provided. Posters can be up to 4 ft. by 4 ft.