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Climate Action Week 2016: No Impact Edition Recap

March 3, 2016 at 10:58 am
By Amy Roach

    After two fantastic weeks of collecting waste and being involved in sustainability events on campus, another successful climate action week has come and gone.  This year was so successful, due in part to the amazing collaboration between campus groups and faculty and staff.  The No Impact Challenge was a huge hit, with 22 teams participating.  Everyone got really into it and focused on the amount of waste they were producing to try to help their team win!  Congratulations to the first place team, Avro, who only produced 0.23 kg.  That averages out to about 0.076 kg per person total over the 2 weeks!  While we don’t expect everyone to live a completely waste-free lifestyle, we hope that the challenge provided an opportunity to see how easy and rewarding it can be to live a low impact lifestyle.  Although the challenge may be over, you can challenge yourself to produce less waste—the prize is eternal gratitude from the world.

    The objective of Climate Action Week is to highlight sustainability efforts on our campus, reach broader audiences than usual, and rally support for environmental causes.  We hope that everyone who attended at least one event feels as though they are more informed on the sustainability efforts.  If you want to keep up on the sustainability efforts around campus, there are multiple ways to stay in the loop: check out the Sustainability page on the Carleton website, like Carleton Sustainability on Facebook, and follow @SustainCarl on twitter for constant updates.  We hope everyone else enjoyed Climate Action Week as much as we did!

Sustainability Assistant’s Favorite Parts of CAW:
“I was really happy with the success of the kick-off event on February 8. There was a great turnout, and not just from the same group of students who always go to sustainability-related events. I thoroughly enjoyed J. Drake Hamilton's talk and felt inspired by her work-- I hope others felt the same.
One of my favorite parts of Climate Action Week is always the Faculty Panel. This year's panel on building a resilient campus certainly did not disappoint. I love hearing from faculty and staff from all different disciplines in order to recognize how these different fields can all work together to solve our pressing climate problems.”
—Emma Vinella-Brusher ‘16

“It was amazing to see the high level of involvement in The No Impact Challenge! I hope that the challenge urged Carleton students, faculty, and staff to think critically about waste in our own lives, at Carleton, and in the broader world.  I also loved the amount of involvement Climate Action Week drew from members of the Northfield community. Community members attended many of our events, allowing CAW to reach a broader audience.”
—Natalie Jacobson ‘18

“My favorite part of climate action week was hearing people participating in the No Impact Challenge talk about waste. I think that the challenge helped raise awareness about how much waste we produce on campus daily, and I hope that people will continue to think about this issue after Climate Action Week.”
-Emma Link ’18

“My favorite part about Climate Action Week was listening to my friends talk about how the No Impact Challenge really made them want to change their lifestyles in terms of waste production. It was awesome.”
-Ankita Verma ‘17

“CAW was a really great opportunity with student groups and organizations that had not previously participated in the environmental movement on Carleton's campus. I'm always excited for new modes of collaboration and I hope that we can keep up the connections made during CAW!”

-Bex Klafter ‘18

“Climate Action Week provided a phenomenal opportunity for students to get involved and see how much of a difference they can make.  It was amazing to see people be so conscious about the amount of waste they produced—especially people who usually do not pay attention to that.  Hopefully they continue to be conscious about their waste and are inspired to minimize the amount they produce!”
—Amy Roach ‘18

Climate Action Week by the Numbers:
21 Events
10 different campus groups and organizations that hosted events (many hosted more than 1!)
22 Teams participated in the No Impact Challenge
13.08 kg produced among the 22 teams

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