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Harvesting at the Farm this Summer

September 29, 2016 at 10:37 am
By Amy Roach

     The Carleton Farm is 1.5 acres of pure goodness.  They grow everything from squash to tomatoes to ground cherries, and even watermelon! Sarah Goldman and Molly Ross had the opportunity to be the 2016 Summer Farm Interns, which means they stayed on campus over the summer and managed the farm, doing chores such as weeding and harvesting.  Their summer harvest was great this year, yielding many different types of vegetables, but the largest crops were tomatoes and eggplant.  What’s great about this is that the Farm sells what they harvest to the Dining Halls.  Since they had such a great harvest this summer, this means we get even more farm fresh vegetables for our meals!  But some of the food is used to feed the Farm Interns. For example, Molly used the jalapeños to make a spicy green sauce like the one at El Triunfo.

     While farming can be an amazing experience with lots of things to be done and yummy foods to pick, there is always something that comes up.  Last year, it was bold deer eating their plants, and this year it was the relentless mosquitoes.  To combat these pests, Sarah and Molly bought some head nets and covered themselves from head-to-toe.  Despite the mosquitoes, Sarah really enjoyed being able to see their work grow throughout the summer.  Molly enjoyed weeding and the satisfaction of looking back over a clean row of crops, and the conversations that happen during weeding.  Both Molly and Sarah had a lot of fun, and enjoyed being farm interns together.  Late in the day, they would get really goofy and laugh a lot while farming, which according to Molly, is a phenomenon called, “zest o’clock.”  In general, Sarah said it was such an incredible opportunity to see farming as a business, and have responsibilities to help the farm be successful.  While this summer was fun, Sarah’s excited that other students are back so they have a lot of enthusiastic helpers.  She’s also really excited for Harvest Fest!  Molly is also excited that they are going to plant garlic this fall, which will grow over the winter and will be harvested in the spring.  So after a long winter of no harvests, they will have that garlic to look forward to!

     If you enjoy working on a farm, or have never done it before but it sounds fun, go to volunteer days! These are Tuesdays from 5:15-6:30pm, Fridays from 4-6pm, and Saturdays from 10-11am.  The farm has tons of crops to be harvested and need as many people as they can get to help out! Stop by the farm, and be sure to be on the lookout for fun events they are hosting this year!

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