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Top Five Real Foods to Eat Today

May 3, 2017 at 3:41 pm
By Bex Klafter

Top Five Real Foods to Eat Today!

The Real Food Calculator

Since 2009, Carleton students have been running the Real Food Calculator--a tool used to assess the sustainability of Carleton’s food purchases. The Calculator allows for greater transparency and provides ample data for identifying possible areas of improvement.

What is “Real Food?”

Real Food refers to food which fulfills one or more of four categories:

  1. Local (within 150 miles)
  2. Ecologically sound (e.g. USDA certified organic)
  3. Humane (e.g. cage free)
  4. Fair (e.g. Fair Trade)

Real Food A refers to food which fulfills more than one category and Real Food B is food which fulfills one category.

carleton RFC results over time.JPG

Top Five Real Foods To Eat

  1. Coffee and tea

97% of Carleton’s coffee and tea purchases are considered real because we buy from Peace Coffee, a rocking Fairtrade and Organic certified company based in Minneapolis. So you can get your caffeine fix and save the planet! Click here to learn more about Peace Coffee.

  1. Milk

About ¾ of Carleton’s dairy products are real because most milk, cheese, and yogurts are purchased from local Hastings Co-op Creamery. Be-moo-tiful! Click here to learn more about Hastings Co-op Creamery.

  1. Produce from Carleton’s Farm

Every fall, the student-run Carleton Farm provides the dining hall with all sorts of delicious veggies grown right here on Carleton’s campus. Super local, super delicious.

  1. Turkey

While only 30% of Carleton’s poultry (chicken and turkey) is considered real, most of the turkey comes from Ferndale Market--a local turkey farm. Click here to learn more about Ferndale Market.

  1. Carrots from Open Hands Farm

Last, but certainly not least, chow down on some scrumptious carrots from Open Hands Farm. This amazing local, organic farm supplies loads of yummy carrots all year-round. Click here to learn more about Open Hands Farm.






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