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Goodbye Seniors!

June 6, 2019 at 1:39 pm
By Caroline Hall

As spring term comes to a close, we want to acknowledge and thank our four senior STAs who will be leaving the office after graduation! We are so appreciative of all the hard work they have done for the Sustainability Office and they will be greatly missed next year. To recognize each senior, we asked them about their plans for after Carleton and what they’ll take away from their job in the Sustainability Office.


Sara Wall '19

Sara Wall (Outreach Team)

This summer I will be working as a Wilderness Ranger for the U.S. Forest Service in the Washington Cascades!

One huge takeaway for me from working in the STAffice was how to stay organized! I learned so much about time management and being accountable for many different tasks. I’ll definitely miss how collaborative working in the office was!

Kate Richardson '18

Kate Richardson (Food Team)

This summer, I'll be growing vegetables in my family's startup farm and selling them at the local farmer's market. I'll also be making and marketing lavender and honey products, corralling goats and chickens, as well as doing some beekeeping! So I'll basically be living the farm life! In October, I will begin working as a teaching assistant in France, where I'll be teaching English to primary schoolers.

Through the STAffice, I've learned how to communicate with all different groups and stakeholders on campus about a common interest (which, for my job, was sourcing ethical food). I will take away skills that will hopefully help me foster similar goal-oriented collaborations in my future career.

Alejadro Gallardo '19

Alejandro Gallardo (Energy Team)

This summer, I will be recording an album for a music project called Algae. We recently released a single titled Beside You. The journey of publishing our first song was very challenging, rewarding and thoughtful, so I’m really excited about creating a longer length record! In addition, I will be part of a film crew, and we will be filming a documentary on the incarceration of minors and racial disparity in prisons. After I finish these two creative projects, I will be switching my focus to fostering sustainability within urban environments. In particular, I want to join the "smart city movement” and help streamline the process of using real-time data to improve operational efficiency in cities.

One of the most valuable things I learned while working for the STAffice was how to work collaboratively in a group. The energy team was so communicative and really talked through projects in a very structured and efficient way. I also loved having Martha as a mentor and role model. She always gives thoughtful advice and knows how to get stuff done.

Liesl Helminiak '19

Liesl Helminiak (Waste Team)

After graduation, I'll be sticking around Northfield for a few days to continue working for the college and photographing reunion!

I will miss getting to talk to new students about the exciting transition to geothermal, and how they can get involved in environmental advocacy while on campus! I am very excited to see Carleton continue its transition to being carbon-free, and wish the new STAs the best!

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