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Carleton Rideshare Site goes live!

June 9, 2008 at 1:27 pm
By Amy Wilson and Adam Smith

As of today, Carleton's new rideshare website is up and running! This website, created by Amy Wilson '08 for her ENTS capstone, features an interactive map that allows you to see who, in the Carleton community, lives near your home address, what your transportation options are in traveling to and from campus, and what the environmental impacts of commuting to Carleton are. This site is a fantastic resource for travel and for the study of transportation at Carleton and beyond. Faculty and staff can log in to see whether there are potential rideshare partners who live near them and students can use the site to see whether they can share rides at the beginning and end of breaks with other students. Check out the new site and make use of it in planning your vehicle travel to and from campus!

 The site:

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