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LDC To Go Trayless

May 27, 2011 at 11:15 am
By Michelle Hesterberg

 Check out the new Carletonian article on LDC's transition to trayless dining here.

 According to measurements done by Bon Appetit during fall term, the L.D.C. has been reducing food waste by 20 percent on Trayless Tuesdays this year (almost 80 pounds per day).  Additionally, any money that Bon Appetit saves by having to purchase less food goes back into the dining program at Carleton.  In order to further decrease food waste, L.D.C. will be trayless every day starting in fall 2011.  However, trays will always continue to be readily available for anybody who asks for one.

The decision to go trayless every day in the L.D.C. next year is based on a survey of people eating in Carleton’s dining halls during winter term that was created by the Sustainability Assistants in collaboration with Carleton’s Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.  You can find the complete methodology and results of the survey in the following documents:

Trayless Survey Results

Trayless Survey Analysis

Based on these survey results and the food waste reduction measured during Trayless Tuesdays, the CSA Senate passed a resolution at the end of winter term in support of going trayless every day in L.D.C. in fall 2011.  You can see a copy of the resolution on the CSA website or you can download it here.

If you would like more information or have any general questions or concerns about going trayless, please contact the Sustainability Assistants at

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