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Eat the Lawn!

June 27, 2012 at 8:16 am
By Halah Mohammed

Food is everywhere at Carleton! This may sound like a hyperbole, but I assure you, it's as real as the raspberries growing in the Eat the Lawn garden this summer. For three years, Eat the Lawn has been the quick stop for carls, faculty and staff, providing them with little pick me up fruits, herbs and vegetables. This summer, Eat the Lawn is full of herbs, sage, cilantro and garlic to name a few, and watermelons, tomatoes, sunflowers, jalapeƱos and a host of other produce. If you're at Carleton or in the area for the summer, stop by and check out these pick me ups! Chances are, in the fall you'll be fighting to actually pick them up.

Click here to learn more about Eat the Lawn this summer



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