Medical (non-emergency)

Carleton students are eligible for non-emergency transportation to a doctor, dentist, therapy, counseling or a pharmacy within the city limits of Northfield.

During term, Carls-Go! stops at Allina Clinic Northfield and the Northfield Hospital Complex every half hour. See the Carls-Go! schedule.  Carls-Go! picks up outside Stimson House at the Davis parking lot Shuttle Stop.

Hiawathaland Transit's Blue/Red route will stop at several medical destinations in town. See the Blue/Red route schedule. Hiawathaland Blue and Express buses pickup in front of Willis Hall on College Street. Transfer to the Red route from the Blue is available at City Hall.

If transportation is needed to another medical location not reachable via Carls-Go! or Hiawathaland contact the Information Desk (infodesk@, x4636) for options.