Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg
Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg Profile
Broom Professor of Social Demography and Anthropology
Director of Africana Studies
Off Campus: Fall 2018 through Spring 2019
Lori Pearson
Lori Pearson Profile
David and Marian Adams Bryn-Jones Distinguished Teaching Professor of the Humanities
Professor of Religion


Josie Naron
Josie Naron ’18 Profile

Josie Naron is a senior SOAN/History double major from Lawrence, Kansas. In addition to working as a UJHS Humanities Editor, she DJs for KRLX, designs for The Carl, and eats a bagel a day. Her core interests lie in public health and public policy research, particularly in the realm of urban health and welfare.

Chenoa Schatzki-McClain ’18

Chenoa Schatzki-McClain is a senior economics major from Belmont, MA. She is particularly interested in global development, economic inequality, and related policy and seeks a multidisciplinary understanding of these issues. Chenoa is a member of the Convocations Committee and has served on CRIC (the Committee for Responsible Investment). When not indulging her intellectual curiosities, she spends much of her time outdoors. She is a resident of CANOE house and works at the climbing wall on campus.

Adrian Smith
Adriana Smith ’18 Profile

Adriana Smith is a senior English major from Beirut, Lebanon. In addition to being an editor of the UJHS and working with the faculty advisors of the journal, she edits for The Manuscript, plays clarinet, and works at the Interlibrary Loan office in the Libe.

Margot Radding '18
Margot Radding ’18 Profile

Margot is a senior Sociology/Anthropology major from Maplewood, New Jersey, a suburb just outside of New York City. Academically, she is interested in medical anthropology and hopes to pursue public health after graduating from Carleton. In the fall of 2016, Margot studied public health in India, which has sparked an interest in international health issues, reproductive justice, and the intersection of cultural knowledge and illness. In addition to her work with UJHS, Margot is also one of the directors of Synchrony II, the largest dance group on campus. She spends her free time choreographing to Pitbull and Jason Derulo.

Peter de Hueck
Peter de Hueck ’19

Peter is a junior religion major (and classics double???) from Evanston, IL. His interests, in no particular order, include the philosophy of law, environmental history, poetry, complex systems, comparative mythology, American religious history, rowing, infrastructure, ancient greek, film studies, basketball, the philosophy of religion, the history of Christianity, ancient drama, campaign finance reform, editorial work, squash, linguistics, Buddhism, education policy, and the culinary arts. He very much enjoys being on the board of UJHS and thinks more people should read the journal.

Lucy Papachristou
Lucy Papachristou ’18 Profile

Lucy Papachristou is a senior Russian major with an Africana Studies concentration. She's particularly interested in modern social issues in Russia, but also has a strong interest in African American religion. Her "Carleton quirky" fact is that she's super into genealogy (and have been since she was fourteen) and spends a lot of time nerding out by researching her family tree and reading old obituaries, birth certificates, and the like. You can usually find her on fourth Libe listening to bad Russian disco music from the 1970's and pouring over old documents. If not there, Lucy is probably out climbing a tree.

Jamonte Strawder
Jamonte Strawder ’20
Emilee Erdel
Emilee Erdel ’19
Emilee Erdel is a junior Religion major and Women's and Gender Studies minor. She thinks she's a true Midwesterner at heart and will openly disagree with you if you tell her Missouri is a southern state. Her primary academic interests lie at the intersections of religion, gender, sexuality, and politics. In particular, she is interested in the relationship between current U.S. politics and evangelical and fundamentalist strains of Christianity, especially with regards to how marginalized folks are affected in and by this relationship. You can probably find Emilee in the libe with a few pieces of dining hall fruit stuffed in her pockets.
Clara Liang
Clara Liang ’20
Clara Liang is a sophomore Religion major and Women and Gender Studies minor from San Francisco. She's loved living at Farm House this year except for the walk. She is into reading Joan Didion and listening to Joni Mitchell especially when she misses California. At Carleton, Clara edits the Politicarl and works as the food procurement fellow for the CCCE. Her interests include the intersection of environment, health and equity (environmental justice issues), civil rights and prison reform, interviewing, creative writing, editorial work, Buddhism, martyrdom and sacrifice, movies, Flannery O'Connor, religious theory, and thinking about who she would like to write a biography for (Norma McCorvey's top on list).
Elizabeth Budd
Elizabeth Budd ’19 Profile
Elizabeth is a junior History major from Edina, MN. Her main academic interests include the social history of Victorian Britain, the Cold War, geography, spatial analysis, and maps. In addition to being an editor for UJHS, Elizabeth works as a Digital Humanities Associate and does sudoku puzzles in her free time.
Nathaniel Chew
Nathaniel Chew ’19 Profile
Nathaniel is a junior English and Linguistics major from Singapore. His primary interests are literary and discursive subjectivity and language attitudes; beyond that, anything from poetry to prehistory to postcolonialism is fair game. Nathaniel is also the editor of The Second Laird Miscellany and a consultant at the Writing Center. He has come to terms with his life being one long Writing-Rich 2 module.
Juliette Bobrow
Juliette Bobrow ’19 Profile
Juliette Bobrow is a junior History major and Women’s and Gender Studies minor from San Francisco, CA. Academically, she is interested in post-colonial history, nationalism, and feminist theory, particularly in South Asia. In addition to working with UJHS, she is a Fellow at the CCCE, a DJ for KRLX, and a campus tour guide. She spends her free time dreaming about The Great British Bakeoff and eating too much chocolate.
Read Wilder
Read Wilder ’20
Jacob Isaacs
Jacob Isaacs ’20 Profile
Abby Walker
Abby Walker ’19