Lori Pearson
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David and Marian Adams Bryn-Jones Distinguished Teaching Professor of the Humanities
Professor of Religion
Cherlon Ussery
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Associate Professor of Linguistics


Jamonte Strawder
Jamonte Strawder ’20
Clara Liang
Clara Liang ’20
Clara Liang is a sophomore Religion major and Women and Gender Studies minor from San Francisco. She's loved living at Farm House this year except for the walk. She is into reading Joan Didion and listening to Joni Mitchell especially when she misses California. At Carleton, Clara edits the Politicarl and works as the food procurement fellow for the CCCE. Her interests include the intersection of environment, health and equity (environmental justice issues), civil rights and prison reform, interviewing, creative writing, editorial work, Buddhism, martyrdom and sacrifice, movies, Flannery O'Connor, religious theory, and thinking about who she would like to write a biography for (Norma McCorvey's top on list).
Read Wilder
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Jacob Isaacs
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