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Managing Other Content Types

  • Assets

    Add Assets (PDFs, Word Documents, etc.) to your site.
  • Blogs / Publications

    Create Blog and Publication pages for your site.
  • Categories

    Assign categories to posts and events.
  • Comments

    Manage user submitted comments for your Reason blogs and publications.
  • Events

    Create events and manage your events calendar.
  • Faculty / Staff

    Manage faculty and staff profile information on your site.
  • Features

    Features present images or video in a slideshow format.
  • Forms

    Add useful web forms to your site to collect information from site users.
  • Groups

    Groups determine who can see restricted entities and who can comment on posts.
  • Images

    Add images to your Reason site, create photo galleries, and more.
  • Issues

    Some publications are organized by issues. Here's how to add a new issue to a publication.
  • Media: Audio and Video

    Manage video and audio media files and add them to your site.
  • News / Posts

    Compose, borrow, and manage news and blog posts, and publish them to your Blog and Publication pages.
  • Text Blurbs

    Text blurbs are reusable snippets of content that you can display in various places on your website.