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Hand, Voice & Vision
Gould Library
September 10-November 25, 2012

Hands, Voice, VisionThis fall, Carleton College hosts the exhibition Hand, Voice & Vision: 30 Years of Artists' Books from Women's Studio Workshop. The Women's Studio Workshop has published more than 180 artists' books since its founding in 1974 as an alternative space in which artists could both create new work and share skills. This exhibition highlights 40 books, including seminal publications from the early history of the Workshop and examples of contemporary explorations of the form.

Seeing Symmetry
Weitz Center for Creativity
September 21-November 25, 2012

saffronSymmetry in the plane falls naturally into three categories of increasing complexity: rosettes, friezes, and wallpaper. Visitors will see examples of each category in order, allowing them to build experience and see the simplest ideas before being confronted with the most complicated. Featuring the work of mathematician Frank Farris and his students.

Ibid. (Referencing Carleton Collections)
Braucher Gallery, Perlman Teaching Museum
September 14-November 14, 2012

PassagesStudio art faculty members Linda Rossi, Kelly Connole, Fred Hagstrom, Dan Bruggeman, David Lefkowitz, & Stephen Mohring make new work connecting to myriad objects held in trust by the College.

Art Treasures/Curricular Resources: Two Teaching Exhibitions
Kaemmer Family Gallery, Perlman Teaching Museum
September 14-November 14, 2012


Two small exhibitions connect fall courses in history and French to art objects both from the Carleton art collection and on loan from other sources. David Tompkins’ “Visualizing Friends and Enemies in the Socialist World” seminar analyzes socialist propaganda from Russia, China, Cuba, and elsewhere. Under the guidance of Christine Lac, students in introductory French classes and their teaching assistants explore the cultural significance of French people, places, and things as represented by French and Francophile artists.



Sound and Vision
Sunday, September 30th, 2012
Theater, Weitz Center for Creativity

Nicola MelvilleNikki Melville, Associate Professor of Music at Carleton, joined by a diverse group of student artists, presented a vibrant, multimedia performance at the Visual Learning Conference.

The evocative music inspired a broad range of interpretive possibilities, from the lyrical beauty of Chopin and the moody shifting colors of Debussy, to the delicate miniature "Wildflower" portraits of American composer Kenneth Frazelle. Wildly upbeat modern ragtime pieces by William Albright were juxtaposed with some of John Cage's Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano.