Life and Death
  • Leah Greenberg ’08 and Ezra Levin ’07

    One Nation, Indivisible

    “It built up so quickly that we had to make a choice. And we couldn’t justify abandoning this call to action—this responsibility—that we helped create.”

  • Scoville Hall

    Field Guide to Scoville Hall Renovation

    “Walking into Scoville, I’m reminded of both the historical and the natural significance of Carleton’s locale.”

  • ASIYA Sport hijab

    Ready to Play

    “Girls being deprived of athletic experiences because of an issue like clothing didn’t seem right to me.”

  • Standing Rock

    This Land is Our Land

    “What if that is the most sacred place around which everything—healing, cosmic renewal, community well-being—turns? What if it’s where you go when you die to become a cloud and come back and fall as rain?”

  • Tibet: Sky Burial

    In the End

    “In most forms of Buddhism, dead bodies are considered empty vessels, and allowing them to nourish other creatures is a charitable act.”

  • Reunion 2017

    Reunion 2017

    All four of Carleton’s living presidents returned to campus for Reunion to close out the college’s sesquicentennial year.

  • Fall 2017 Voice inside front cover

    Cover Images

    You live. You die. Do both without regret.