Zach McGowan ’02
  • Art Kavalis ’04

    Insider Information

    “If everybody is saying the same thing, you might believe it even if it’s wrong. A diverse work environment helps bring in different points of view, which leads to a better decision-making process.”

  • innovation in the classroom

    Innovation in the Classroom

    “Innovation is synonymous with fear, lack of expertise, and the unknown. Professors are used to displaying mastery, but to do things in a new way, you have to become a novice again.”

  • Hurricane Florence

    Eye of the Storm

    “They were staring at all this devastation, and they were saying, ‘We’re still here. We still have our family. We will find a way to continue.’ ”

  • Gregory Blake Smith and Bonnie Nadzam ’99

    A Friendship with Words

    “You hear about Faulkner writing As I Lay Dying in three weeks. I am so not the person who writes in a white heat. Maybe that’s why I hate the word creativity. I’m a plodder. I think this sentence is okay? No, maybe let’s change it.”

  • Zach McGowan ’02

    Scene Stealer

    “You’re in this brutal ballet where you’re trying not to actually hurt the other actor, but it has to look like you’re trying to kill each other. When it goes wrong, which happens all the time, someone punches you in the face. But mostly, the fight scenes are a lot of fun.”

  • Zach McGowan ’02

    Cover Images

    From Jody Silverman on Shameless to Charles Vane on Black Sails to the Scorpion King, Zach McGowan ’02 is racking up stand-out roles on his way to the A-list.