Nintendo 64 controller
  • poke cake

    Energy Underground

    “We knew this project was going to be really visible, fairly disruptive, and also transformative in a positive way.”

  • free speech illustration

    The Cost of Free Speech

    “Ideas that are controversial or politically unpopular are fundamentally different from speech that is discriminatory or hateful and incites violence and harm.”

  • cherry blossoms

    Eye of the Beholder

    “In general, I prefer subjects and scenes that are untouched by humankind.”

  • Carletonian


    “Jess and I were in grad school when the Wii came out. I remember [she] said, ‘This is the future.’ ”

  • Carleton Cats

    Cool Cats

    “It’s fun and lighthearted in a way that I don’t typically express with my art, because I don’t have a lot of art assignments that can work with humor.”

  • house


    “The thing about nowhere is that most people don’t realize they’re in it till they’re old and gray and silent.”

  • virtual reality

    Cover Photos

    Remember wrestling pixels on your N64? Makes you wonder how soon VR headsets will seem as quaint. Gaming isn’t the only thing that’s changed at Carleton.