• Marco da Cunha ’22

    Mind in the Game

    “A lot of my high school friends were forced to choose between football and academics. I didn’t want that to happen to me.”

  • "Frankenfood"

    Future Food

    “For millennia, human beings have selected plants for various traits. We’ve just introduced a more purposeful—and faster—way of doing the same thing.”

  • Carol Federighi ’82 finishes the Mongol Derby

    Derby Days

    “I was horse-crazy from the very beginning and my parents have no clue why. It’s a disease that some girls are just born with, I guess.”

  • Hauling by Ethan Murrow ’98 and other artists

    The Earnest Absurdist

    “I thought that you were supposed to make people look at your work and put their hands on their chins. But I realized that what I wanted to do was make people laugh.”

  • Parker Palmer ’61

    Wise Guy

    “A wise person is someone who is able to say, ‘I am what I have done well and what I have done poorly. I am my gifts and my pitfalls, I am my successes and my failures.’ ”

  • Companion

    Cover Images

    Through his darkly comedic drawings, Ethan Murrow ’98 invites us to question everything we think we know about history, economics, and the human race.