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  • Michael Martin ’09

    The World Is Their Classroom

    A staple of a Carleton education since the 1970s, off-campus studies programs give students a global perspective.

  • Charles Bridge, Prague

    Picture This

    Students submitted more than 200 photos for this year’s 25th annual off-campus studies photo contest. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Carleton's wind turbine

    Bragging Rights

    Midwestern modesty has kept us from blowing our own horn for too long. Here’s what makes Carleton one of the best liberal arts colleges in the country—and we’re not afraid to brag. A little.

  • Journey through the circulatory system

    Other Worldly

    “If Carls’ curiosity and imagination were unfettered by the constraints of physical reality, where would they go and what would they see?”

  • Laurence McKinley Gould

    Faculty Legends

    150 years of great Carleton teachers.

  • SS Carleton Victory

    The Carleton of the Seas

    “Carleton’s first offspring of the sea is a well built, fast ship manned by a competent, far above average captain and crew.”

  • Tourist

    Show and Tell

    “She had a wide smile that was almost always present. Her teeth were a faint gray and capped in gold; one even had a gold star in the middle that would shine as she spoke.”

  • Bailey Ulbricht ’15

    A Kind Word

    “Many of these Syrians had never even talked to an American, and now they could make a connection over education. That is valuable in so many ways—both culturally and, potentially, politically.”

  • Alumni Adventures in Cuba

    Revolutionary Road

    Although it’s just 130 miles off the coast of Florida, Cuba is one of the toughest destinations for American travelers to reach. Last fall, a group of Carls visited the island and got up close and personal with Cuban people, politics, and culture.

  • Carls in Cuba

    Cover Photo

    Closed to Americans for 55 years, Cuba holds a strong allure for many travelers.

  • Ely Cathedral

    Commemorating Cambridge

    Thirty years ago, economics professor Martha Paas founded Carleton’s Cambridge Economics Seminar. Here, Paas and her former students share their memories of the groundbreaking off-campus studies program.

  • Martha Paas

    Cover Photo

    Students who study abroad gain insight into a new culture, says economics professor Martha Paas, who founded the Cambridge Economics Seminar 30 years ago—and set the standard for off-campus studies at Carleton. (See "Commemorating Cambridge.")

  • Iragbiji, Osun-State, Nigeria, Summer 2011

    Global Glimpse

    Students shoot the world—a sample of this year’s entries in the annual off-campus studies photo contest.

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