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  • Michael Martin ’09

    The World Is Their Classroom

    A staple of a Carleton education since the 1970s, off-campus studies programs give students a global perspective.

  • Commencement 2011

    Commencement 2011

    It happens every year, but each time is special for the class members who leave the Carleton bubble and join the far-flung community of Carleton alumni. Congratulations! And don’t forget to write.

  • Charles Bridge, Prague

    Picture This

    Students submitted more than 200 photos for this year’s 25th annual off-campus studies photo contest. Here are some of our favorites.

  • skateboarders in Barcelona

    Riding the Concrete Wave

    The thrills and spills of skateboarders captured the attention of Linnea Bullion ’13 while she was on an off-campus studies program in Europe last year. She shares some photographs from her trip with Voice readers.

  • Sami Kemper ’14, Jessa Youso ’13, & Beth Jarrett ’11

    The Winning Shot

    Student photographer Niko Duffy ’13 has taken photos of fast-moving athletes for three years. He says it requires skill, awareness, timing—and a lot of luck. Here are some of his best serendipitous shots from Carleton sports contests.

  • Joy Kluttz

    Good Advice

    Although Carleton staff and faculty members have long served as advisers and mentors to their students, the college is expanding and formalizing ways for them to help students connect the dots between classes and careers.

  • Wenli Rui ’13, Cassie Mullen ’13, Yansong Pang ’13, and Megan Bakken ’13

    The Real Deal

    Carleton’s Center for Community and Civic Engagement offers students real-world experience through partnerships with individuals, schools, and corporations. Often tied to the curriculum, these opportunities both enhance students’ classroom experience and build their résumés.

  • Martha Wohlfeil '13 and Matt Rand

    Snake Charmers

    Martha Wohlfeil ’13 and a team of student research assistants are working with biology professor Matt Rand to identify the genes that affect snake pigmentation.

  • Friday flowers

    Remembering James, Michael, & Paxton

    Following a tragic car accident that claimed the lives of three students and seriously injured two others, the Carleton community comes together to grieve our loss and to celebrate the lives of three extraordinary young men: James Adams ’15, Michael Goodgame ’15, and Paxton Harvieux ’15.

  • Carlie Marsha Marina Joseph ’17 and Lee Gonzalez ’16

    Human Touch

    Inspired by the popular blog Humans of New York, first-year student Thomas Hiura launches Humans of Carleton on Facebook and reminds us that what we love most about this place is the people who live, work, and study here.

  • Commencement 2014

    Commencement 2014

    They come. They charm us for four years with their wit and intellect. And then they leave. It’s a four-year cycle we celebrate, but never quite get used to. This year 484 seniors joined the ranks of esteemed Carleton alumni.

  • Hudlin Wagner with students

    An Elder Facing North

    “The north wind is blowing my destiny forward. I don’t know what’s in store for me, but I know it’s time to move on, and I’m ready.”

  • Brandon Marks ’16

    Home Away from Home

    “We can’t be the great equalizers, but we can close some of the gaps. Above all, we have to talk about the implications of socioeconomic diversity at Carleton.”

  • Carleton Presidents Edwards, Lewis, Oden, and Poskanzer

    View from the Top

    “College is just the beginning of a joyful mission. One can always go on learning. And it seems to me that Carleton faculty members have kept that joy present at Carleton.”

  • Trompe l’oeil of a train tunnel within the Carleton tunnels.

    The Carleton Tunnels: A (Fictional) History

    “Did I mention that the tunnels are still featured in Carleton’s recruiting brochure? They sold me on tunnels, and now there are no tunnels. Just saying.”

  • Timeline (detail)

    The Life of Carleton

    150 years at a glance.

  • Bob McFadden ’66 and Michelle Mastrianni ’16

    Generation Gap

    Members of the Classes of 1966 and 2016 compare notes about their college experiences.

  • Souvenirs and programs, 1915

    Thanks for the Memories

    In the days before Facebook and Instagram, Carleton students preserved and shared their memories in scrapbooks.

  • Carleton campus

    The Carleton Experience

    “We look forward to a student body that changes every day.”

  • Kifaya Taha ’17 and Jennifer Lor ’17

    The Journey Home

    “The idea of crossing a cultural border—going home to St. Paul and being one person, and coming back to Carleton and being someone different—is something I don’t share with a lot of people.”

  • Sarah Magid ’18

    A Matter of Consent

    “Consent is a major part of the discussion, but where do healthy relationships fit in? What are the different scenarios for sex that students don’t actively think about? How do we talk about the role that alcohol and drugs play? We have to build the complete picture.”

  • Tourist

    Show and Tell

    “She had a wide smile that was almost always present. Her teeth were a faint gray and capped in gold; one even had a gold star in the middle that would shine as she spoke.”

  • Meklit Hadero

    Dual Identity

    “Early in my songwriting career, I had a muse. He would appear and a song would appear. I thought it was him, but it wasn’t. It was me.”

  • Vintage Class Notes

    Vintage Class Notes

    A Selection of Alumni News from Past Issues of the Voice

  • Geographic shifts in high school graduates and admissions staff visits

    The Changing Face of Admissions

    “When we talk about how best to serve students, we want to consider as many facets as we can.”

  • Cover Images

    Cover Images

    Field Day: Carleton dancers in unlikely places

  • Ellis Johnston ’16

    Leap Day

    “Dancers bring to life what we feel but what most of us, lacking their artistry and athleticism, are unable to express physically.”

  • comps icon

    Student Teachers

    "No matter the sometimes-nefarious dealings of these métis capitalists, Gus was probably the most capable defender against the reservation’s antagonists, like the Indian agent."

  • N55 residency

    A New Way to Learn

     “It wasn’t meant to be a format where students learn a set of information from someone at the front of a class, get tested at the end, and, ‘Oh, okay, I got a B.’ ”

  • Joe Brown ’14

    Man vs. Machine

    There is no shortage of exceptional Carleton students on campus in any given year, but we were especially happy to meet Joe Brown ’14 before he graduated. Here’s some of what he learned in the past four years.

  • Commencement 2013

    Commencement 2013

    Best wishes to Carleton’s newest graduates!

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