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  • Joel Weisberg

    Time Map

    Carleton astronomy professor Joel Weisberg worked with a New York artist and MIT scientists to create a disk that will orbit Earth for billions of years—and provide a snapshot of life on Earth in the early 21st century for any future space travelers who might discover it.

  • Martha Wohlfeil '13 and Matt Rand

    Snake Charmers

    Martha Wohlfeil ’13 and a team of student research assistants are working with biology professor Matt Rand to identify the genes that affect snake pigmentation.

  • bacteria


    They may be microscopic, but bacteria wield tremendous power over our health and well-being. Meet the Carls who seek to uncover the mysteries of bacteria and determine how we can make them our friends.

  • Monika Heller Roots ’02

    The Electric Brain

    “You’ll have a computer that will be able to understand you. The better you concentrate, the faster the computer will know what you want.”

  • Science Meets Fiction

    Science Meets Fiction

    "Curiosity wound its way over to Yellowknife Bay and then to Mount Sharp, and both were stunning. I wish I were there to see it with my own eyes, but this is pretty good."

  • Goodsell Observatory

    Putting Carleton on the Celestial Map

    The final telescope, a 16.2-inch Brashear refractor purchased for $15,000 (more than $390,000 in today’s dollars), was made by Pittsburgh’s famed John Brashear Company, arrived in 1890, and was placed beneath the larger dome.

  • Journey through the circulatory system

    Other Worldly

    “If Carls’ curiosity and imagination were unfettered by the constraints of physical reality, where would they go and what would they see?”

  • Timeline (detail)

    The Life of Carleton

    150 years at a glance.

  • Laurence McKinley Gould

    Faculty Legends

    150 years of great Carleton teachers.

  • Cherlon Ussery

    Lessons for a Lifetime

    “We use female rats in our research because much of the existing data in biomedical research is derived from male subjects, leaving large gaps.” —Sarah Meerts, assistant professor of psychology

  • Sarah Meerts and Number Six

    Cover Photos

    Teacher's Assistant: At two months old, Number Six already has a lot of responsibility. She helps psychology professor Sarah Meerts and her students with their research on motivated behaviors.

  • Chris Kratt ’92 in Wild Kratts Live

    Kratts Gone Wild

    “No one was doing host-driven wildlife shows for kids. So we’d get rejection letters saying, ‘This is frivolous.’ Well, kids like to have fun. Isn’t it supposed to be frivolous?”

  • Naomi Kritzer ’95

    A Guide to Social Media Science

    “Plenty of articles with sciencey headlines are nonscience, pseudoscience, or only barely science.”

  • cancer patient

    Search for a Cure

    “We all know we need to collaborate and share information because no one institution can tackle [pediatric cancer] alone.”

  • Alaska

    Seeing Is Believing

    “I’m perfectly happy with the title ‘jack of all trades and master of none.’ ”

  • Deb Goodwin ’00

    Out to Sea

    Scientist Deb Goodwin ’00 knew she wanted to study the rampant pollution in our oceans, but when she started taking students on semester-at-sea programs to the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre, her career path became clear. Now she’s determined to reduce ocean pollution, expose students to environmental issues, and raise public awareness.

  • Emily Stevens ’85

    Popular Science

    Emily Stevens ’85 is a managing producer for SciGirls, an award-winning public television show that encourages young girls to excel in math and science.

  • Sidney Wolff '62

    Across the Universe

    Maybe we watch too many apocalyptic movies, but we can’t help wondering: Is there an asteroid out there with our name on it? Is some life form in outer space trying to contact us—or control us? Does dark matter lead to imminent doom? We found Carls who are searching the heavens for answers to these and other questions.

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