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  • Skinner Memorial Chapel

    Carleton: The Next Decade

    Following 20 months of fact-finding and future thinking by 14 working groups, Carleton president Steven Poskanzer has completed a strategic plan for the College. Here’s a summary of what we’ll see implemented in the years ahead.

  • Carleton's wind turbine

    Bragging Rights

    Midwestern modesty has kept us from blowing our own horn for too long. Here’s what makes Carleton one of the best liberal arts colleges in the country—and we’re not afraid to brag. A little.

  • Ivette Feliciano ’05

    Confronting Privilege

    “We will never be smart enough to not have biases. We’re never going to be educated enough that we don’t need to have diversity training or conversations about privilege anymore.”

  • Northeast view of proposed Weitz addition

    Modern Music

    “The boundaries between art and teaching and communication are becoming increasingly porous. We are broadening the ways we prepare students to communicate.”

  • Brandon Marks ’16

    Home Away from Home

    “We can’t be the great equalizers, but we can close some of the gaps. Above all, we have to talk about the implications of socioeconomic diversity at Carleton.”

  • Carleton Presidents Edwards, Lewis, Oden, and Poskanzer

    View from the Top

    “College is just the beginning of a joyful mission. One can always go on learning. And it seems to me that Carleton faculty members have kept that joy present at Carleton.”

  • Cowling Campus Plan

    Alternate Reality

    Over the years, Carleton has commissioned architectural plans for buildings that were never realized. Fortunately, the plans remain.

  • Timeline (detail)

    The Life of Carleton

    150 years at a glance.

  • Bob McFadden ’66 and Michelle Mastrianni ’16

    Generation Gap

    Members of the Classes of 1966 and 2016 compare notes about their college experiences.

  • A Party for the Ages

    A Party for the Ages

    “Providence has worked all things for good. We are here to toast the enduring success of my exceedingly fine college, after all!”

  • Kifaya Taha ’17 and Jennifer Lor ’17

    The Journey Home

    “The idea of crossing a cultural border—going home to St. Paul and being one person, and coming back to Carleton and being someone different—is something I don’t share with a lot of people.”

  • Sarah Magid ’18

    A Matter of Consent

    “Consent is a major part of the discussion, but where do healthy relationships fit in? What are the different scenarios for sex that students don’t actively think about? How do we talk about the role that alcohol and drugs play? We have to build the complete picture.”

  • Geographic shifts in high school graduates and admissions staff visits

    The Changing Face of Admissions

    “When we talk about how best to serve students, we want to consider as many facets as we can.”

  • Laura Haave

    Let's Talk About Sex

    “A survivor’s story is always questioned.”

  • saving for college

    Economics 101: Return on Investment

    “When we opened two new residence halls in 2010, a reporter asked why there wasn’t a fitness center in each dorm. But our students like the Rec Center. Instead, they requested study rooms where they could work together.”

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