• 2Fik’s various characters

    Character Driven

    “It is not about my ego or my perception of the world. It’s about how the audience connects, understands, and feels the artwork.”

  • Evelyn M. Anderson Hall

    If You Build It, They Will Learn

    “All that glass not only reveals the soul of the building, it also speaks to the soul of the school, where teaching comes first and interactions between students and the faculty are prized.”

  • Fred Hagstrom in the South Pacific

    All Over the Map

    “At Carleton, study abroad is not the cherry on the top. It’s integral to academic learning and personal growth.”

  • Andrew Chael ’13 outside an observatory

    Seeing Black

    “The director was talking about having an image of a black hole within five years. I was a little skeptical that it would work out.”

  • The eastern Sierras loom behind the Bridgeport Reservoir in Mono County, California

    Birding in the Basin

    “When the birds fly into the Great Basin from wherever they winter . . . they find a mate, build a nest, and stay all summer. That’s what ornithologists have believed for hundreds of years.”

  • Aylward and Burcaw with goats

    Interabled on the Internet

    The posts—about everything from shopping for a wedding dress to declining an invitation to appear on Dr. Phil—can attract upwards of 100,000 views.

  • 2Fik

    Cover Image

    Friendly provocateur and performance artist 2Fik challenges society’s stereotypes.