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Bald Spot: News from around campus

  • Title IX gets complicated

    Title IX Gets Complicated

    Last spring, the US Department of Education introduced Title IX changes that have made filing formal complaints significantly more complicated, and Carleton and other academic institutions have been scrambling to comply with the new regulations.

  • Radio Free Northfield

    Radio Free Northfield

    Northfield’s longtime radio station KYMN has added Spanish-language programming featuring interviews conducted by Carleton students.

  • Concussion Alliance

    A Heady Database

    After suffering several concussions himself, Conor Gormally ’21 and his mother created a website dedicated to providing science-based resources on concussions and concussion care.

  • Marty Baylor, Associate Professor of Physics

    Bias-Free Physics

    Carleton’s physics and astronomy department joined the American Physical Society’s new Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity [IDE] Alliance, which aims to help organizations identify and enact strategies for improving IDE while recruiting students and talented faculty members.

  • Photo by Beau Nelson ’22

    Black Athletes March

    Recently founded, the Black Student-Athletes of Carleton advocates for the college's Black athletes and seeks to focus attention on racism and discrimination 

  • Latest exhibit at the Perlman Teaching Museum examines political engagement beyond the ballot box.

    Getting Political at Perlman

    Ross Elfline’s “Art and Democracy” class worked with the Perlman Teaching Museum’s director to create an exhibit that examines political engagement beyond the ballot box.

  • Carleton Arb staff and students use prescribed burns to manage McKnight Prairie.

    Plants Flourishing Under Fire

    Carleton alumni publish research to deepen our understanding of how and why prescribed burns are beneficial to prevalent prairie plant species.

  • An Actors Studio for Physicians

    An Actors Studio for Physicians

    Sydney Cheek-O’Donnell ’96 applies her knowledge of theater to help improve physician bedside manner.

  • Photo by Gengyi (Rebecca) Chen ’21

    Battling Hunger in Bangladesh

    With the assistance of six Carleton students, economics professor Muhammad Faress Bhuiyan created Nourish Bangladesh, a microsized nonprofit that raises funds and examines the impact of NGOs that are focused on alleviating hunger.