Fall 2021 Cover: Alison Byerly quote
  • President Alison Byerly

    Community Builder

    As the pandemic plays out and liberal arts colleges look to the future, President Alison Byerly aims to fortify Carleton’s collective sense of purpose.

  • Illustration by Brian Stauffer

    These Memories Can't Wait

    Carls from the early ’70s reckon with the past, and look to assist their alma mater as it works to address issues of inclusion, equity, and diversity.

  • Class of 2021 Commencement

    Life Lessons

    All commencement ceremonies at Carleton are special in their own right, though some — including the celebration of the Class of 2021 — surely stand out more than others.

  • Khuaten Maaneb de Macedo ’16

    Resident in Action

    Medical student Khuaten Maaneb de Macedo ’16, who helped treat injured protestors in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, is a tireless advocate for racial equity in the health care system.

  • Linda Burdell

    Exit Interviews

    This year’s retiring teachers open up about classes taught, lessons learned, and life after Carleton.

  • Pete Cowdin ’85

    Down the Rabbit hOle

    The first museum in the country dedicated to children’s literature opens next year in Kansas City — thanks to the passion and vision of Pete Cowdin ’85

  • Aerial view of Burton Hall, Willis Hall, and Laird Stadium

    Every Carl Makes a Difference

    The Every Carl for Carleton campaign closed in June at a record-breaking $491.8 million! Professors and campus leaders discuss how these dollars will improve the Carleton experience for students.