Amna Khalid and Jeff Snyder
  • Amna Khalid & Jeff Snyder

    The Provocateurs

    Carleton Professors Amna Khalid and Jeff Snyder are challenging seemingly progressive academic orthodoxies—from the left.

  • President Alison Byerly

    A Triumphant Launch

    During an inspiring inaugural weekend, Carleton's first female president celebrated community and called for transformative change.

  • A tipi erected near the Bald Spot on Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

    This Land is Their Land

    Indigenous students — in collaboration with select faculty members, staff representatives, and leaders of the Prairie Island Indian Community — are working to help the college address their collective strengths, traditions, and needs.

  • Carleton's steam plant, 1910

    Steam Heat

    Carleton’s new geothermal energy system is a multitasking wonder, heating and cooling campus, cutting carbon emissions, and serving as a living laboratory.

  • Students carve lamb as part of an animal sacrifice lesson by assistant professor Jake Morton

    Jake Morton’s Burning Questions

    A Classics professor recreates an animal sacrifice to teach modern-day students about everyday life in ancient Greece.

  • John Bermel, director of Carleton’s security and emergency management

    To Protect and Serve

    When it comes to building relationships and finding common ground, Carleton security officers are already ahead of the curve.

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