American Bison


  • Dick Garbisch ’38

    Reunion 2016

    With a record turnout, great weather, and a kickoff celebration for Carleton’s sesquicentennial (1866–2016), Reunion 2016 was packed full of nostalgia and fun.

  • Journey through the circulatory system

    Other Worldly

    “If Carls’ curiosity and imagination were unfettered by the constraints of physical reality, where would they go and what would they see?”

  • Rendering of chemistry lab


    “We need people who encompass multiple perspectives to tackle things like cancer, global climate change, and artificial intelligence—and we want to foster our students’ ability to do that kind of work.”

  • Fine Fellows

    Fine Fellows

    “The agencies get access to bright people they might not otherwise meet, and we get Omaha on people’s radar. It’s a wonderful community.”

  • Brit Fryer ’15

    True Brit

    “It’s not a movie about a black trans person. It’s more about a crisis of self, and thinking through ‘Is this who I am?’ ”

  • Naomi Kritzer ’95

    A Guide to Social Media Science

    “Plenty of articles with sciencey headlines are nonscience, pseudoscience, or only barely science.”

  • Eugenie Tsai ’76

    View Finders

    “Our field raises a lot of questions about what is art, as well as a lot of challenges for presenting and preserving work.”

  • Bailey Ulbricht ’15

    A Kind Word

    “Many of these Syrians had never even talked to an American, and now they could make a connection over education. That is valuable in so many ways—both culturally and, potentially, politically.”

  • Geographic shifts in high school graduates and admissions staff visits

    The Changing Face of Admissions

    “When we talk about how best to serve students, we want to consider as many facets as we can.”