American Bison

Bald Spot: News from around campus

  • Rohan Mukherjee ’19 and Beau Smit ’17

    Pitches that Pay

    “Who needs money when you’ve got ice cream?”

  • Around the Bald Spot

    Martin’s Map

    Minneapolis poet Chris Martin ’00 spearheaded a public art project: an interactive website that lets readers explore campus via creative writing.

  • Commencement 2016

    Class of 2016

    Highlights from Commencement.

  • WALK!

    A New Exercise

    WALK! A Festival of Walking, Art & Ideas

  • Olgaby Martinez ’16

    What I Learned from Comps: Olgaby Martinez ’16

    “Healing is embedded in social relations, it’s embedded in the community.”

  • Eclipse celebrates their victory

    Eclipse Wins National Title

    Carleton’s Division III women’s Ultimate team defeated Rice University to win the 2016 national title.

  • Gary Vikan ’67, the Benedict Distinguished Visiting Professor in Art History, with students

    Time Travel

    “We’re trying to anthropomorphize the college over time. It’s like Carleton is a person who’s lived 150 years, but never got older than 22.”

  • A Very Short Book Excerpt

    A Very Short Book Extract

    From Black Woman Reformer: Ida B. Wells, Lynching, and Transatlantic Activism

  • Wally Weitz ’70

    Creative Leadership

    “The world needs more smart, creative liberal arts graduates. I’m proud of the way we remain focused on this goal and upgrade our capacity to meet it.”

  • Convo Quote

    Convo Quote

    April 8, 2016, “Faster, Higher, Stronger.”

  • Ruth Steike ’16

    Interview: Ruth Steinke ’16

    “When you’re around passionate people, it’s like having a bunch of coals that all keep each other lit. We burn so much brighter when we’re together.”