front cover, spring 2017


  • Sarah Magid ’18

    A Matter of Consent

    “Consent is a major part of the discussion, but where do healthy relationships fit in? What are the different scenarios for sex that students don’t actively think about? How do we talk about the role that alcohol and drugs play? We have to build the complete picture.”

  • Rhetoric Meets Reality

    Rhetoric Meets Reality

    “If you’re worried about our energy future, remember that Americans have made significant and abrupt energy changes before—from wood to coal, from coal to petroleum and then to natural gas. Lessons from the past [can] give us hope for the future.”

  • Dick Garbisch ’38

    A Hundred Years In

    “[My age] works to my advantage, especially going through airport security. They really usher me through fast.”

  • Chris Kratt ’92 in Wild Kratts Live

    Kratts Gone Wild

    “No one was doing host-driven wildlife shows for kids. So we’d get rejection letters saying, ‘This is frivolous.’ Well, kids like to have fun. Isn’t it supposed to be frivolous?”

  • inside front cover, spring 2017

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    Carleton professors find reality in the ruins of rhetoric

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