Number Six
  • Cherlon Ussery

    Lessons for a Lifetime

    “We use female rats in our research because much of the existing data in biomedical research is derived from male subjects, leaving large gaps.” —Sarah Meerts, assistant professor of psychology

  • Tourist

    Show and Tell

    “She had a wide smile that was almost always present. Her teeth were a faint gray and capped in gold; one even had a gold star in the middle that would shine as she spoke.”

  • Japanese-American internment

    When War Hits Home

    “The assumption that all Islamic people are susceptible to radical views is the same as the idea that Japanese Americans were all susceptible to [what was] going on in Japan in the 1940s.”

  • Meklit Hadero

    Dual Identity

    “Early in my songwriting career, I had a muse. He would appear and a song would appear. I thought it was him, but it wasn’t. It was me.”

  • Wade Johnson ’07 (left) with Mark Dyson ’07

    The Adventurous Life of Wade Johnson

    “I didn’t know the pianist side of him. I didn’t know the chemistry star side. I remember learning that he was into filmmaking and seeing some of his early work. I was like, ‘Man, this is another thing you’re good at?’ ”

  • Helena Lea ’78

    Theme Queen

    “I was so nervous I lost 10 pounds. But it was an amazing experience. My success working on Toy Story was a stamp of approval.”

  • Sarah Meerts and Number Six

    Cover Photos

    Teacher's Assistant: At two months old, Number Six already has a lot of responsibility. She helps psychology professor Sarah Meerts and her students with their research on motivated behaviors.