for the people
  • Jonathan Dahlsten ’19

    Not in Kansas Anymore

    “Rural kids inherently understand how communities should work. They already know what it means to have your neighbors know your business, to greet people when you see them, to not have 100 different grocery stores to go to.”

  • Professor Bardwell Smith, gardener Mary Bigelow, and designer David Slawson

    Field Guide to Jōryō-en: The Garden of Quiet Listening

    “Although the garden is designed to be viewed from the shelter, it also provides a contemplative forest stroll. You can circumambulate the garden through the trees and come out by the stone lake.”

  • Halah Mohammed ’14 and poets in Abu Dhabi

    Watson's World

    “Waiting for a bus in Ankara, I heard two people behind me conversing in fluent English. I was desperate for human connection. And they were kind to me.”

  • Seth Partnow ’99

    Seth Partnow is Right Where He Wants to Be

    “There might be more knowledgeable people from a statistical standpoint. There are certainly people who are more knowledgeable from a basketball standpoint. But I was able to marry the two.”

  • Minnesota monument, Gettysburg

    On Hallowed Ground

    One of Jeff Appelquist's favorite parts of the program happens when he asks a student to stand in this hallowed spot and recite the Gettysburg Address.

  • Noelia Rodriguez Quiñones ’10

    The Fighter

    “I’m a loudmouth. I love a good fight. I’ve been told from day one, ‘This girl can argue.’ ”

  • Gettysburg address excerpt

    Cover Illustrations

    Rarely have 300 words made such an impact on a nation as Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.