• Carleton Ultimate

    Field Guide to Ultimate Frisbee

    “Not only were they good, but they were really supporting each other. I said to myself, ‘That is the team I want to play for.’ ”

  • light switch

    Power Switch

    “I’ve seen a lot of paralysis on the part of big oil companies because they face so many existential questions that don’t have easy answers. Companies are dipping a toe into a variety of different technologies, making very small investments. But I haven’t seen any bold moves to position themselves ahead of the energy transition.”

  • John Heyneman ’89

    Home on the Range

    “People make assumptions about the slow pace of the West. Maybe they see this part of the country as lacking sophistication. No. What we do here is incredibly sophisticated.”

  • Lesanna Lahner ’04

    No Blue, No Green

    “Whales are massive and they’re scared of boats, so not just anyone can ride up and start poking at them to remove a rope.”

  • Dustin Yager ’06 and Julia Elsas ’00

    The Conversation

    “I declared art history first at Carleton, and then I realized I was fooling myself. I’m an artist, not an art historian.”

  • Reunion 2018

    Reunion 2018

    A record-breaking 3,044 alumni, family members, and friends returned to campus for Reunion 2018 to see old friends, reacquaint themselves with campus, and have some fun.

  • orca

    Cover Images

    Veterinarian Lesanna Lahner ’04 researches orcas, sea stars, and other ocean wildlife in the Pacific Northwest.