Lisa Nordeen ’90

Bald Spot: News from around campus

  • Jennifer Bader

    All the Right Moves

    Dance instructor Jennifer Bader created “From the White Board” a web-based guide to help ballet beginners master proper technique.

  • counting sheep

    High 5: Sleep Insights

    Psychology professor Lawrence Wichlinski’s taught a spring term “Sleep and Dreaming” course.

  • Around the Bald Spot

    Solid Gold

    The Carleton College Voice was named one of the best magazines published by an educational institution last year.

  • tea

    Tea Time with God

    If you think “friendly discussion about religion” is an oxymoron, you haven’t tried Tea-ology yet.

  • Carleton cookie contest

    Smart Cookie

    Campus food service Bon Appétit sponsors and annual cookie contest.

  • Who's your hero?

    Who’s Your Hero?

    The most seasoned news reporters can still be biased. So a group of Carleton computer science majors are developing a browser extension to detect biases in online news articles as their comps project.

  • Jo Bartkovich ’20

    The Last Frontier

    Carleton students partnered with the Philadelphia-based Pig Iron Theatre Company, an award-winning troupe that specializes in creating innovative original works, to write and perform The Heart Is the Last Frontier last winter.

  • Around the Bald Spot

    Ask the Expert: How can we address antibiotic resistance?

    Though antibiotics underpin modern medicine, we cannot take them for granted. In fact, the very nature of antibiotics necessitates that their effectiveness has an expiration date.

  • Sancta Sanctorum

    Travelogue: History, Religion, and Urban Change in Medieval Italy

    History professors Bill North and Victoria Morse led students on a spring-term program based in Rome.

  • Commencement 2019

    "We have met future governors"

    Gifty Amos Nwankwo ’19 delivered an inspiring speech at Carleton’s 145th commencement ceremony in June.

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