Vera Chang '09

Bald Spot: News from around campus

  • Jack Eugster ’67

    Hail to the Chair

    Carleton administrators are confident that Jack Eugster ’67, new chair of the Board of Trustees, will guide us through the current financial crisis...

  • Gutenburg Bible

    Hidden Treasures: Page of History

    A single page from a Gutenberg Bible is the earliest piece of print material in Gould Library’s Special Collections...

  • Victory walk with the Goat Trophy

    Getting the Goat

    The prized Goat Trophy has come back to Carleton thanks to a Carleton victory over the Oles in October...

  • Obama Convo

    Presidential Politics

    On February 5, 1999, Barack Obama delivered a convocation address titled “Politics, Race, and the Common Good” at Carleton...

  • Beer pot with circles and horn design

    Women's Work

    World Ceramics: Transforming Women’s Traditions, exhibited at the Carleton College Art Gallery last fall, highlighted the work of female ceramic artists in societies around the world.

  • The Boardman family

    Set in Stone

    In May, the College dedicated a memorial to Shelby Boardman, Charles L. Denison Professor of Geology and former dean of the College...

  • Noteworthy


    President Oden issues a "Blue-Out" in support of Carleton's sports teams, and Carleton students, faculty, and staff participate in a climate survey.