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the Voice

Summer 2016 (August 3, 2016)

    • Fine Fellows

      by Teresa Scalzo

      “The agencies get access to bright people they might not otherwise meet, and we get Omaha on people’s radar. It’s a wonderful community.”

    • True Brit

      by Thomas Rozwadowski

      “It’s not a movie about a black trans person. It’s more about a crisis of self, and thinking through ‘Is this who I am?’ ”

    • A Guide to Social Media Science

      by Naomi Kritzer ’95

      “Plenty of articles with sciencey headlines are nonscience, pseudoscience, or only barely science.”

    • View Finders

      by Joel Hoekstra

      “Our field raises a lot of questions about what is art, as well as a lot of challenges for presenting and preserving work.”

    • A Kind Word

      by Thomas Rozwadowski

      “Many of these Syrians had never even talked to an American, and now they could make a connection over education. That is valuable in so many ways—both culturally and, potentially, politically.”

    • The Changing Face of Admissions

      by Kayla McGrady ’05

      “When we talk about how best to serve students, we want to consider as many facets as we can.”