Aliza Yazdani ’19
  • political cartoon

    The Media Circus

    “I’ve never gotten so many angry calls as I did covering a small community. People screamed at me all the time, which was excellent preparation for my job today.”

  • colliding neutron stars

    Field Guide to the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory

    “I’ve never worked so hard in my life. On the other hand, I’ve never been so excited.”

  • Colleen Tjosvold ’11

    Pitch Perfect

    “When we arrived, an Irish player told us that if you play with heart and spirit, you’ll have the crowd behind you, and it was true.”

  • Kao Kalia Yang ’03

    Five Years: Kao Kalia Yang

    “At 15, I fell in love with books. Loneliness introduced me to literature.”

  • Archery Club

    The Sporting Life

    “I always enjoyed playing Ping-Pong with my dad and sister on the table in our basement. When I joined the club, it was a small group, but it quickly grew.”

  • Leah Daniels ’02

    Recipe for Success

    “I come from a world where my next-door neighbors and I may not agree politically, but we still shovel each other’s walks.”

  • Avi Moorthy ’18

    Cover Photos

    In the fall of her freshman year, Aliza Yazdani ’19 joined the Archery Club, set aside the childhood toy bow that never shot straight, and picked up the real thing.