Carls in Cuba


  • keeping score

    The Best Mistake You've Ever Made

    History is filled with examples of mistakes that led to great discoveries. Pharmacist John Pemberton was trying to cure headaches when he stumbled on the recipe for Coca-Cola. A messy workspace resulted in Alexander Fleming discovering penicillin. Carls tell us how to turn a fear of failure into a recipe for success.

  • Wenli Rui ’13, Cassie Mullen ’13, Yansong Pang ’13, and Megan Bakken ’13

    The Real Deal

    Carleton’s Center for Community and Civic Engagement offers students real-world experience through partnerships with individuals, schools, and corporations. Often tied to the curriculum, these opportunities both enhance students’ classroom experience and build their résumés.

  • Martha Wohlfeil '13 and Matt Rand

    Snake Charmers

    Martha Wohlfeil ’13 and a team of student research assistants are working with biology professor Matt Rand to identify the genes that affect snake pigmentation.

  • Commencement 2013

    Commencement 2013

    Best wishes to Carleton’s newest graduates!

  • Cole Frank ’15 and Luke Fairchild ’15

    What I Did That Summer

    Carleton students recall the sometimes-crazy summer jobs that have taught them life lessons, illuminated a career path, or shown them what not to do.

  • Raul Raymundo '87

    Good Neighbor

    As CEO of the Resurrection Project, Raul Raymundo ’87 helps develop Chicago’s Latino neighborhoods—and improves the lives of residents from preschool through college and beyond.

  • Alumni Adventures in Cuba

    Revolutionary Road

    Although it’s just 130 miles off the coast of Florida, Cuba is one of the toughest destinations for American travelers to reach. Last fall, a group of Carls visited the island and got up close and personal with Cuban people, politics, and culture.

  • Bud Eugster '63 and wife Susan

    Doctor's Orders

    Retired cardiologist Bud Eugster ’63 reflects on his life and the people he’s known since he graduated from Carleton 50 years ago.

  • Carls in Cuba

    Cover Photo

    Closed to Americans for 55 years, Cuba holds a strong allure for many travelers.

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