Stratocruiser lounge
  • Iditarod 2013

    Northern Exposure

    Three alumni journalists tell Alaska’s unique stories through print, radio, and photography.

  • Glacier National Park

    Back to Nature

    The benefits of spending time outdoors are legion, yet fewer of us are realizing them—at a huge cost to us and our natural landscape.


    Lap Leader

    As NASCAR’s vice president for strategic development, Eric Nyquist ’94 is driving the company’s efforts to build its audience through new media and environmental initiatives.

  • Northwest Stratocruiser


    This excerpt from Jack El-Hai’s book, Non-Stop: A Turbulent History of Northwest Airlines, tells how the airline embraced Boeing’s double-decker Stratocruiser in the late 40s and 50s, giving passengers fleeting access to luxury commercial travel.

  • Ellie Kinnaird ’53

    True Believer

    In an act of protest, North Carolina state senator Eleanor Kinnaird ’53 resigned her seat after 17 years of service and is focused instead on promoting change at the grassroots level.

  • Sarah Walker ’99

    A Second Chance

    Sarah Walker ’99 lobbies for criminal justice reform to limit the impact incarceration has on ex-offenders’ access to education, housing, and employment.

  • Stratocruiser lounge

    Cover Photo

    In his newest book, author Jack El-Hai ’79 examines the ups and downs of Northwest Airlines—through its glory days and final tumultuous decade.