Field Day: Carleton dancers in unlikely places


  • Northeast view of proposed Weitz addition

    Modern Music

    “The boundaries between art and teaching and communication are becoming increasingly porous. We are broadening the ways we prepare students to communicate.”

  • California farmers market

    The Kale Effect

    “I would rather buy better food locally, and if I only get asparagus for three weeks in June, that’s okay because that’s when it tastes wonderful. Then I wait for it again.”

  • Brandon Marks ’16

    Home Away from Home

    “We can’t be the great equalizers, but we can close some of the gaps. Above all, we have to talk about the implications of socioeconomic diversity at Carleton.”

  • Cover Images

    Cover Images

    Field Day: Carleton dancers in unlikely places

  • cancer patient

    Search for a Cure

    “We all know we need to collaborate and share information because no one institution can tackle [pediatric cancer] alone.”

  • Ellis Johnston ’16

    Leap Day

    “Dancers bring to life what we feel but what most of us, lacking their artistry and athleticism, are unable to express physically.”

  • Earl Neil ’57

    On the Right Side of History

    “We have not reached the promised land, that’s for sure, but I never let fear or danger guide me away from the struggles of our time. I firmly believe that you have to live in hope.”