Janae Walton-Green '10
  • Feature: How does it feel?

    How Does it Feel?

    They say curiosity killed the cat, but we like to live dangerously. So even though we’ve never butchered a chicken, jumped into a raging forest fire, or won an Emmy, we have always wondered what those things would feel like. We asked these Carls to give us the (sometimes gory) details.

  • Contemplating the Fall

    Close Encounters

    An assortment of photographs shot by students during off-campus studies programs reveals that sometimes the best lessons are learned outside of the classroom.

  • Commencement 2009

    Commencement 2009

    Those four years flew by! We say farewell to the Class of 2009.

  • Julie Klassen

    Passing the Baton

    Three recently retired faculty members who have had long and notable careers at Carleton share tips on how to thrive on the job.

  • Carolyn Chalmers '68

    Faces of Feminism

    Is feminism fizzling out—or can the movement find a way to embrace a new generation of women? We ask several generations of Carls what it means to be a feminist today.

  • Externship participants

    Manhattan Transfer

    Through the Career Center’s new Mentor Externship program, four Carleton students get a firsthand look at what it’s like to live and work in New York City—thanks to their host, mortgage analyst Paul Van Valkenburg ’82.

  • A home in St. Bernard's Parish

    An Inside Look

    Students in last winter's “Environmental Justice in New Orleans” course shot 40 hours of video footage and made short films about the environmental and social ramifications of Hurricane Katrina.