Janae Walton-Green '10

Bald Spot: News from around campus

  • Leah Fox '09

    Hitting a Nerve

    Leah Fox '09 describes her neuroscience comps project on the promotion of regeneration in the central nervous system.

  • Noteworthy


    Michael Hemesath named president of the faculty, CUT takes national title, Nathan Grawe named associate dean of the College.

  • Illustration by Helen Dardik

    Feasting on Fantasy

    Harry Potter isn’t the only one who’d like to down a glass of pumpkin juice and a few Cockroach Clusters at the end of a long, hard day.

  • Ebony II Dancers

    Ebony II

    Members of the Ebony II dance company performed in the spring to packed—and appreciative—audiences.

  • Illustration by Helen Dardik

    Triple Play

    Great Hall saw triple duty in March as the venue for an interfaith holiday celebration of Purim (Jewish), Holi (Hindu), and Mawlid al-Nabi (Islamic).

  • Ted Falk '09

    Student, Teacher, Music Maker

    Asked if he’s nervous about his upcoming travels to Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco, Ted Falk ’09 (St. Louis) replies, “You’d be better off asking my mom that.”

  • Piano Burning

    Torch Song

    An upright piano went up in flames on the Bald Spot in April—but no one tried to put out the blaze.

  • Alistair Sloan

    Medieval Moviemaking

    Not many people would blink at the sight of half a dozen students dressed as medieval soldiers trudging into the Arb—this is Carleton, after all.