Getting Surly

Bald Spot: News from around campus

  • Annalise Lawson ’09 and Tom Weishan ’09

    Talkin’ ’bout a Revolution

    The Revolution, Carleton’s newest theater group, performs two shows during the ninth weekend of winter term—without anyone ever writing a line.

  • Class of 2013 by the numbers

    Class of 2013 by the numbers

    Statistics on this year's freshman class

  • Illustration by Jon Reese

    Good for the Environment

    Kelsea Dombrovski struggled with choosing a major, so she—along with six of her classmates—was overjoyed when the Carleton faculty approved a new environmental studies major in May.

  • Summer of Science

    Summer of Science

    On a sunny July afternoon, two high school students created a small earthquake near West Gym by pounding a sledgehammer on a metal plate at distinct intervals along a line in the grass....

  • Noteworthy


    Notes on a new Mellon Foundation grant, a prestigious athletic award, and the College's placing in the U.S. News & World Report’s annual ranking

  • <em>Great Plains</em>, by Michael Forsberg

    Plainly Written

    Carleton isn’t exactly “home on the range,” but the prairie and farmland around Northfield is familiar scenery for writer Dan O’Brien.

  • It’s a Requirement

    It’s a Requirement

    After a nearly four-year process, the Carleton faculty has adopted a new set of graduation requirements, the first large-scale change the College has made to its curriculum in at least 40 years.

  • Eat the Lawn

    Eat the Lawn

    Those of us who were on campus over the summer enjoyed a harvest of home-grown vegetables, thanks to members of the student groups Farm Club and Food Truth.

  • Arb Transit Map

    In Transit

    An urban subway and a nature center don’t have much in common, but associate professor David Lefkowitz ’85 combines the two in a recent Art Gallery exhibit.

  • Cowling Arboretum

    Flower Power

    The large-flowered Penstemon grandiflorus is found in prairies in the Great Plains and the Upper Midwest—and in Carleton’s Cowling Arboretum and McKnight Prairie.