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Bald Spot: News from around campus

  • A Beacon So Bright cover

    Uncovering a Legend

    A Beacon So Bright: The Life of Laurence McKinley Gould, released in November, is the first book-length biography of the iconic Carleton president, polar explorer, and education advocate.

  • 2012 men's soccer team


    Carleton’s men’s soccer team tied with Gustavus Adolphus for the 2012 regular season MIAC championship.

  • Knights Gauntlet

    No Obstacle

    This fall Carleton hosted the Knights’ Gauntlet, a four-mile race through the Arb with 16 obstacles.

  • VIZ recital

    Sharing the Stage

    Carleton music professor Nikki Melville and an interdisciplinary ensemble of students performed at the “Visual Learning: Transforming the Liberal Arts” conference held at Carleton this fall.

  • Berit Schurke '16


    From skiing over Norwegian glaciers to dogsledding in Canadian backwoods, Berit Schurke ’16 knows how to make the most of snowy winter days.

  • Paul Wellstone

    Living Legacy

    The Carleton community honored the memory of former professor and U.S. senator Paul Wellstone on the 10th anniversary of his death in October.

  • West Gym

    Game On!

    Carleton athletes and their fans are enjoying several improvements to Laird Stadium and West Gym.

  • Chalk Slam

    Making Their Mark

    Artists and members of the Northfield, Carleton, and St. Olaf communities celebrated learning—past, present, and future—at an October “Chalk Slam” sponsored by the Perlman Teaching Museum.

  • Noteworthy


    A campus building gets renamed, Carleton and St. Olaf receive a joint grant, and a professor wins a book award.

  • Convo Quote

    Convo Quote

    Minnesota governor Mark Dayton delivered Carleton's Opening Convocation address on September 10, 2012.

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