Reunion 2013


We welcomed 2,337 alumni, children, and guests back to campus this year—the third highest attendance in Carleton Reunion history. (Only 2012 and 2007 have had higher.) From the 75th reunion Class of 1938 to the recently minted Class of 2013, alumni of all ages celebrated their shared Carleton experience during the three-day weekend.

Alumni volunteers organized a varied program that highlighted the best of the campus, the college, and its graduates. Campus tours showed off a renovated Evans Hall and the Weitz Center for Creativity; faculty lectures, Arb walks, and the Career Center’s signature Carls Help Carls tent portrayed the Carleton of today; and numerous panel discussions and programs engaged the intellect and insights of alumni across generations. We would like to thank the hundreds of Reunion volunteers who reached out to classmates and demonstrated their support for the college.


Back to Class

Reunion’s Alumni College featured 11 faculty lectures and panels on topics ranging from the future of China with Mike Armacost ’58, visiting professor of Asian policy Burt Levin, and visiting instructor in political science Jon Olson, to reminiscences on science and religion by esteemed theologian and emeritus professor Ian Barbour. Educational studies professor Deborah Appleman spoke about her experiences as a writing teacher at the Minnesota Correctional Facility. Alumni enjoyed being students again—without the pressure of exams.


Alumni Honors

Alumni Council president Frances Spangler ’91 presented the Alumni Association awards for Distinguished Achievement, Exceptional Service, and In the Spirit of Carleton to Will Bracken ’63, John Cairns ’63, Michael Connelly ’83, Yanjing Claire Du ’08, Alan Dale Fiala ’63, Herb Fritch ’73, Don Frost Jr. ’83, Arijit Guha ’03, Elizabeth Krebs ’03, Yvonne Connolly Martin ’58, Carolyn Williamson Nelson ’63, Barbara Thomsen Sample ’63, Robert Seddig ’63, Steve Six ’88, Rob Spence ’88, Elaine Johnson Tatham ’58, Michael Tuck ’58, Peter Varnum ’08, Garret Mabbitt Westlake ’03, Candace Larson Williams ’73, and Douglas Wood ’73. The ‘C’ Club inducted Ken Potts ’83, Troy Ethen ’88, Max Harper ’98, and Laura Bloedorn Neirby ’03 into the Hall of Fame. Read their bios at and


Fun, Games, and Celebrations

Reunion provides many opportunities to engage in competitive play—kickball, bocce ball, ultimate golf, Ultimate Frisbee, Rotblatt, and field games. Men’s and women’s rugby teams celebrated their 45th and 35th anniversaries, respectively, and founders of Carleton’s Late Night Trivia led the Classes of 1988, 1993, and 1998 in an evening of quiz hilarity.


From Local to Global

A number of Reunion programs were designed to inspire Carls to make a difference:

  • 1983 hosted a cook-off featuring locally grown ingredients, which President Poskanzer helped judge, and proffered a Reunion challenge to reduce water bottle usage
  • 1973, 1978, and 2003 explored the challenges of affordable health care
  • 1963 tackled diminishing resources and what it means for an increasing world population
  • Alumni across classes planted trees and shrubs to help with forest restoration in the Arb


Family Matters

Families enjoyed such Reunion favorites as the carnival, Camp Carleton, and the Teen Program, as well as new activities, including water games and story time.


Afternoon Tea

During Reunion Weekend, English majors from the Class of 2008 mingled with their former professors at a department reception in front of Laird. “We talked about grad school, work, life—and reminisced about the great times we had at Carleton,” says Byron White ’08.

Pictured below from left: Associate Professor of English George Shuffelton, Tricia England, Helen F. Lewis Professor of English Susan Jaret McKinstry, Adam Rudebusch, Dashini Jeyathurai, Byron White, and Maureen Burns

Afternoon tea 

Giving Back: 50th and 25th Reunion Gifts

25th-reunion-gift-convo-419.jpgCelebrating its 50th reunion, the Class of 1963 raised $18,196,109 for Carleton with 64 percent of the class participating. A portion of the gift has permanently funded the Class of 1963 Endowment for Internships, which will help prepare students for life and work after graduation. Fifty-seven members of the class belong to the Heywood Society—more than any other class.      

The Class of 1988 received the inaugural Spirit of ’62 Award for exceptional leadership, determination, and creativity in its 25th reunion year. More than 52 percent of the class contributed to the class gift, which set a new record for 25th reunion giving at $1,447,965. It broke the record set by the Class of ’62 in 1987.



“Singing in the alumni choir. Visiting the wind turbine.”

“Being a part of it all.”

“Seeing old friends. Making new ones.”

“Some people who had been in my circle came back for the first time in 25 years. What a joy to simply talk with them!”

“Enjoying a weekend free of responsibilities and obligations. It was like stepping back in time to when I was a Carleton student!”

“The Parade of Classes and Reunion Convo made me feel connected to Carleton’s legacy and inspired by the other alumni.”

“Touring the Weitz Center made me extremely proud to be an alumnus of such an amazing place.”


Save the Date!

Reunion 2014
June 19—June 22


Web Extra: See more reunion photos.

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