Hail to the Chief

Janet Scannell, Carleton’s new chief technology officer, thinks of herself first and foremost as an educator. A graduate of Grinnell, Scannell began her career at an educational software company and taught K–12 teachers how to use media and computers in their classrooms. Most recently, she served as director of computing services at Bryn Mawr College.


We asked her to access her memory and download a few facts about herself.

Strangest job: “I helped develop one of the first online casinos, and I had to register the encryption algorithm with the federal government as a munition because the government deems strong encryptions as potentially dangerous to the country.”

Object of inspiration: “The Golden Gate Bridge is a model of success for me. It was designed and built through an innovative, inclusive process that everyone felt good about, and it was finished on time and within budget.”

Secret talent: “I won the campus pool tournament my senior year at Grinnell, and I taught a few students at Bryn Mawr to shoot pool. I’m always up for a friendly game in Upper Sayles.”

Good to know: “Technology skills are beneficial no matter what your discipline. Carleton students can apply them to a variety of careers.”

Best part of her job: “I enjoy talking with people, figuring out what they need, and determining how to align resources efficiently and effectively to make it happen.”

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