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Emily Balczewski ’16 (Lafayette, Calif.) began her Carleton career with a bang.

A fan of TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design)—a global nonprofit that holds annual conferences featuring speakers in a variety of disciplines—Balczewski arrived on campus her freshman year determined to organize Carleton’s first TEDx conference. An offshoot of TED, a TEDx conference is a local, independently organized event intended to spark discussion and connection in a community.

“I thought Carleton would be the perfect place for TEDx,” says Balczewski. “Everyone
I talked to about the event offered encouragement and support. Two of my professors even helped me get funding to attend an official TED conference in California, where I learned about being a TEDx organizer and networked with a bunch of inspiring and enthusiastic people.”

Last October, 450 members of the Carleton community and guests gathered at the Concert Hall to hear students, parents, and alumni speak on topics that ranged from cults to cancer research to cooking as science.

“There are so many stories on campus, and our event was a platform for those stories to be told,” says Balczewski. “We are looking for speakers, volunteers, and enthusiastic attendees for our next event, which will be either fall 2014 or spring 2015. The TEDx team would love to hear your ideas.”


Web Extra: View the talks from last fall's event. For more information or to get involved in Carleton's next TEDx, contact balczewskie@carleton.edu.

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