Reunion 2016

With a record turnout, great weather, and a kickoff celebration for Carleton’s sesquicentennial (1866–2016), Reunion 2016 was packed full of nostalgia and fun.

More than 300 volunteers planned a wide array of events, including an ’81 Mai Fete pageant reenactment, a Cave Cabaret hosted by ’86, and a return by the Lentils, a popular ’96 band. Attendees also found time for intellectual and practical pursuits, including Alumni College lectures by current and retired faculty members and events like “DIY: Making your Own Career Path,” a panel and mixer hosted by the classes of ’71, ’01, and ’11.

High Honors

The Carleton Alumni Association presented the Exceptional Service Award to William Feldt ’61, Judith Sosted ’61, Thomas Merritt ’66, Mary Watson ’66, Frances Spangler ’91, president emeritus Stephen R. Lewis Jr., and professor emerita Patricia Lamb; and the Distinguished Achievement Award to Eric Carlson ’66, James Anthony ’71, Ronald Henko ’76, Diane Redleaf ’76, John McConnell ’86, Regan Gurung ’91, Adil Husain ’91, Martin Kaste ’91, and Jimmy Chin ’96. The ‘C’ Club Hall of Fame inducted James Schuldt ’91 (football, track and field, and wrestling), Chris French ’96 (football), Megan Vig Barrymore ’06 (basketball), and Stephen Harris ’06 (cross- country and track and field).

Raising the Bar

Overall attendance wasn’t this year’s only Reunion record. The Class of ’11 set an all-class attendance record of 54.5 percent, the Class of ’91 set a 25th-reunion attendance record at 42 percent, and even Camp Carleton (the children’s program) had its highest-ever participation. The Class of 1961 also set a participation record for a 55th-reunion class gift (95 percent) and the Class of ’06 contributed a record 10th-reunion gift ($106,466).

Out After Carleton hosted a reception on Saturday evening. Pictured: Elliot James ’05 and C. J. Griffiths ’06.

Alumni enjoyed reminiscing with their favorite professors. Pictured, English professors Beth McKinsey and Liz Ciner.

As the oldest Reunion attendee, Dick Garbisch ’38 led the Parade of Classes.

The Class of ’66 presented the college with a 50th-reunion gift of just over $25 million.

The Class of ’11 won the Loving Cup for highest Reunion attendance.

The Class of ’76 received the Spirit of ’62 Award.

The Class of ’91 gave an impressive $2.6 million 25th-reunion gift.

See more at And mark your calendars now for Reunion 2017: June 15–18.

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