Carleton Trivia

By Eric Hillemann

Radio Station

Question #1

1. Carleton student radio station KRLX was founded in 1948 as a low-power AM station with what call letters?

2. Which Carleton residence hall was named to honor a man Carleton had expelled as a sophomore in 1880?

3. The inauguration of this item took place in 1878, and it eventually set time for more than 12,000 miles of railroad across the Northwest.

4. With what notable Carleton “first” should you associate the name of alumna Minnie M. Dilley?

5. What was Carleton’s annual tuition when the first class matriculated in 1871?

Minnie M. Dilley

Question #4

6. Between 1893 and 1909 Carleton awarded six PhD’s, all in what field of study?

7. Where did Carleton maintain skating and hockey facilities before moving the rink to the Bald Spot?

8. Which of Carleton’s buildings was designed by the Scottish-born architect A. D. McMix?

9. In 1970 a group of Carleton students appeared on the Today show. What did they discuss?

10. Wally Ulrich ’48 won the NCAA Individual Championship in 1943 in what sport?

11. True or false: During and after World War II, Carleton operated its own airport for
flight training and, for a time, owned its own B-17 Flying Fortress bomber.

Who is this man?

Question #12

12. What former Carleton art professor was a survivor of several shipwrecks, including
the torpedoing of the Lusitania?

13. As late as the 1920s, male spectators were banned from watching what Carleton event?

14. What two royals visited the Carleton campus in the 1950s?

15. In 1974 Time magazine credited a Carleton freshman as the first female participant in what emerging fad?

16. In what year were phones first installed in individual dorm rooms at Carleton?

Royal Visit, 1958

Question #14

17. Into the 1960s, if a woman was returned late to her dorm by her date, thereby receiving a penalty, what was her date’s expected response?


1. KARL. The call letters were changed to KRLX in 1974, as the station moved from AM to FM. Also, between 1924 and 1933, the College operated KFMX, a staff-run radio station located in the Music Hall.

2. Severance Hall, named for Cordenio Arnold Severance, Class of 1883, who went on to become an illustrious lawyer and Carleton trustee. He was “dropped” from the College by faculty action of December 1, 1880, for his connection with an unauthorized “college column” appearing in a Northfield newspaper that carried items deemed scurrilous by the faculty. Much later, in 1919, Carleton granted him an honorary doctor of laws degree. It is said that no honor ever came to him that he prized more highly.

Dating in the 1960s

Question #17

3. Carleton Observatory’s telegraph time service located in Goodsell.

4. In 1927 Dilley, Class of 1898, became the first woman to serve on Carleton’s Board of Trustees.

5. $24 per annum. The first tuition increase came in 1889 when tuition was hiked to $26 per annum. As late as 1909, tuition was still only $40, but then in the next six years it more than doubled, to $100.

6. Astronomy. Carleton also awarded some 120 master’s degrees (up to 1945) in a variety of subjects.

7. On the upper Lyman Lake. Both lakes were built in 1916–17 in memory of George Huntington Lyman, son of Carleton trustee George R. Lyman of Minneapolis.

8. Sayles-Hill Gymnasium. At least, that was the story often fed to gullible freshmen, seen to be observing the building’s cornerstone date of 1909 in Roman numerals (A.D. MCMIX).

9. Earth Week activities.

10. Golf.

11. True.

Tally your score

14–17: You are true to the maize and blue
9–13: Better come to the next Reunion
5–8: Time for a campus tour
0–4: Are you an Ole?

12. Professor Ian B. Stoughton Holbourn, who taught art at Carleton (1920–36). He also was “king” of his own island in the Shetlands, off the coast of Scotland.

13. Carleton women’s intramural athletic competitions.

14. Ethiopia’s Emperor Haile Selassie in 1954, and Norway’s Princess Astrid (pictured) in 1958.

15. Streaking.

16. 1987. The new residence halls being built at Carleton are not going to have phone service to individual rooms, and hall phones will be reinstalled in existing residence halls. Cell phone ownership is high enough among students that room phones no longer are considered worth the expense.

17. It was traditional for the man to send his date a rose for each minute she was late.

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