Past, Present, Future

KaraokeDiane Perry ’70 and Marjorie Grace ’76 (far left) join with current students at karaoke time.

Grounded in the past, the Multicultural Alumni Network (MCAN) Gathering (held at Carleton September 19–21) had its eye on the future. “We talked about preserving the history of MCAN and focused on why the organization was founded,” says Lynch Travis ’77, who served with Maya Warren ’07 as event cochair.

MCAN founders mingled with 145 alumni, faculty and staff members, and students at the event. “Mark Hunter ’78 delivered an address that tied his early life to his development at Carleton and how that led him to establish MCAN to help students of color have a meaningful and productive Carleton experience,” says Travis. Adds Warren: “Current students are inspired by  the founders’ legacy. They see the impact they’ve had on the Carleton of today.”

Winter 09: MCAN Attending the event were (L–R): George Clabon '74, Greg Day '79, Avis Meeks Day '78, Gene Saffold '76, Lynch Travis '77.

A highlight of the Gathering—which included numerous speakers and panel discussions, musical events, an Arb run, and a block party—featured Mary Easter, Rae Schupack Nathan Professor of Dance and the Performing Arts, in her final term at Carleton. Professor Easter was honored at the Gathering banquet and performed a moving sermon during the chapel service on Sunday. Another highlight featured four of seven students (Brandon Walker ’09, Daney Ramirez ’09, Tomoka Nakamura ’09, and Ruty Gebreab ’10) who were awarded grants through MCAN to fund unpaid summer internships. “One of our main focuses going forward is mentorship,” says Travis. “We want to work collectively to help people achieve their educational and professional goals. It is important for all of us—alumni of color and all alumni—to support current students.”

Web Extra: Learn more about MCAN.

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