Close Encounters

Selected images from the 2009 off-campus studies photo contest

Summer 2009: OCS - Haas 

Jamie Haas ’10 (New York City)
Paris, Fall 2008

“A little girl appears carefree as she plays in a fountain at Luxembourg Gardens with her toy sailboat.”


Summer 2009: OCS - Crosset 

Claire Crossett ’10 (Oak Park, Ill.)
Ecuador, Fall 2008

“This patient was undergoing a second abdominal surgery. The stitches from the first surgery never dissolved and had become infected. The doctor had him hop on the table, locally numbed the area, and began the surgery. The man watched the doctors cut through his abdomen until I offered him a newspaper to read.”


Summer 2009: OCS - Lurie 

Ben Lurie ’09 (Lexington, Mass.)
London, Spring 2008
Protest and Apathy

“As the Olympic torch passes outside the British Museum, a protester for human rights in Tibet leaps out of the crowd and is immediately forced to the ground by police. The bystanders are almost painfully indifferent; some stare off to the right and others (on the left) see it as a perfect opportunity to take pictures.”


Summer 2009: OCS - Kennedy 

Robert Kennedy ’09 (Lakeville, Minn.)
Scotland, Fall 2008
A Bagpipe Wedding

“A nice couple from Edinburgh decided that they would have a good Scottish wedding in a proper castle. The Castle Dunrobin is the hunting lodge of the Earl of Sutherland, who provides considerable funding to the local Sutherland School. In exchange, the students play in full uniform for all events at the castle.”


Summer 2009: OCS - Noe 

Ryan Noe ’12 (Rock Island, Ill.)
Louisiana, Winter Break 2008
Play It Safe

“This sign is found at a playground that Shell placed next to its oil refinery in the impoverished, predominantly African American town of Diamond. The residents had higher than average health problems but did not have the resources to prove that Shell’s emissions were causing them. They fought for more than a decade for enough compensation to be able to move away from the refinery. Eventually Shell relented and relocated the town. Today only a handful of residents refuse to leave the property that has been in their family for generations.”


Summer 2009: OCS - Kiener 

Ari Kiener ’10 (West Hartford, Conn.)
Thailand, Fall 2008
Ped’s Breakfast

“Eight-year-old Ped sits in his simple bamboo home waiting for breakfast. In his hands he holds a basket of sticky rice, which he will share with his mother, father, and me. Ped lives in Baan Nong Jaan, a small rural village in Loei Province, Thailand, whose residents vote repeatedly against development projects that threaten their village’s way of life.”


Summer 2009: OCS - Donald 

Kelsey Donald ’10 (Madison, Wis.)
Madagascar, Fall 2008
Allée des Baobabs

“Baobabs are perhaps best known for their role in Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince, and nowhere are they more plentiful than in the world-famous ‘Alley of the Baobabs’ in Morondava, Madagascar. These trees can grow to 30 meters in height, towering over the shacks of nearby villagers, who harvest their fruit to sell to tourists. In the back of the photo, you can see a cart coming down the alley, providing a frame of reference for the baobabs’ towering height.”


Summer 2009: OCS - Fritz-Endres 

Emily Fritz-Endres ’11 (Carlisle, Mass.)
Tanzania, Winter Break 2008
Home in Lake Eyasi

“As our green jeeps (with two spare tires mounted on the back of each) turned off the main road near Mto wa Mbu (Mosquito River) village, we knew it would be a few days before the vehicles touched pavement again. More than 50 kilometers of bumpy trails later, we arrived in the Lake Eyasi region. After exploring the Maasai market and visiting the Datoga and Hadzabe tribes of this area, we returned to our guide’s home. Part of our experience in Lake Eyasi was buying, slaughtering, skinning, and cooking two goats to eat with our host. During this lengthy process, our host’s young son took a break to sit outside the cooking hut with a stray dog to wait for dinner.”


Summer 2009: OCS - Martin 

Roy Martin ’10 (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
Argentina, Fall 2008
Man in the Street

“This photo represents a standard street in Salta, a small city in northern Argentina, capturing the distance between this man and the world around him.”


Summer 2009: OCS - Close 

Kevin Close ’09 (Salt Lake City)
Mongolia, Summer 2008
The Wedding Gifts

“The groom’s parents crack smiles over the gifts they received during a Mongolian countryside wedding.”


Summer 2009: OCS - Rios 

Bedrich Rios ’09 (St. Paul)
London, Winter 2008

“I snapped this photo one night as I traveled from my dorm to the center of the city inside the tube. I got quite a few stares, but it was worth it.”


Summer 2009: OCS - Montes 

Zach Montes ’10 (Seattle)
New Zealand, Winter 2009
Contemplating the Fall

“Fourteen Carleton students look down into a fumarole of Mount Doom (Mount Ngauruhoe) in Tongariro National Park, New Zealand.”

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