Carl Quiz: Colin Steers ’09

Summer 2009: Colin Steers '09Colin Steers ’09 (Charlottesville, Va.), a psychology/neuroscience major with his sights set on medical school, never understood the concept of loosening up . . . until he trained to become a supermodel. Steers spent fall term as a contestant on Bravo’s reality television series Make Me a Supermodel, which follows a group of young men and women as they compete for $100,000 and a contract with a New York modeling agency. “I always thought my being awkward was more of an act,” he says. “But when I was put in front of the camera, I actually was pretty awkward. I had to get over that quickly.”

In his defense, it is true that Steers was asked to strike some rather uncomfortable poses: being hoisted by cranes above New York City in a Plexiglas box while he was wearing nothing but a bathrobe, for example. Although he was eliminated from the show in the eighth episode, Steers took away some newfound confidence and a continuing desire to walk the runway. He plans to pursue modeling full time after graduation—for at least a year—to see if he can become a success. “I had never considered doing anything with my life that wasn’t academic,” he says. “It could be senioritis, but I found it refreshing to experience life in the entertainment industry.”

For our entertainment, we asked Steers to fill out the Carl Quiz.

Secret talent: The ability to peruse the Internet for hours on end without getting tired or accomplishing anything. It’s a skill.

Favorite hobbies: Playing guitar and programming some thumpin’ ironic techno on my laptop.

Favorite male model: Tyson Beckford. Because someday I want to be the only male model you can name.

Three fashion trends everyone should try:

  1. Thigh-high boots instead of pants (you laugh now, but you’ll start seeing this more). Still waiting for the men’s version.
  2. Sandals with socks—not as stigmatized as they used to be, and comfortable.
  3. Tighter pants—seriously, guys, you can do this.

Strangest outfit you had to model: Speedo, codpiece, and wire cages around my shoulders. It was cute; I’d totally wear it to class.

Best place on campus to do a photo shoot: The Arb. Natural light can be beautiful, and the juxtaposition between Minnesota landscape and high fashion is just jarring enough to make a sweet editorial.

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