Carl Quiz: Lee Clark

Lee ClarkLee Clark, Carleton’s new director of campus activities, knows what it’s like to be the new person on campus—his first day on the job was the first day of spring term. “It was a busy time to start,” he says, “but it was a good time to see how everything works here.”

Clark comes to Carleton from the University of Montana in Missoula, where he was associate director of the University Center (the student union) and oversaw student activities and leadership development. His experience and fresh perspective served him well over the summer as he and the other campus activities staff members planned for New Student Week in September.

“The theme is ‘Carls Ask Questions,’ and we’re pushing the fact that it’s okay to not know something because you’re new,” says Clark. “The only way to learn is to ask.” We agree—so we asked him some questions of our own.

Hometown: Severna Park, Maryland

First job: Working as a deck hand on the historic Stanley Norman, one of last traditional Chesapeake Bay skipjacks to harvest oysters in Maryland waters.

Biggest adventure: A two-week solo camping trip in the rain forest of Kodiak Island, Alaska. I experienced enough mosquito bites, bear encounters, never-ending rain, and “inner perspective” to last a lifetime.

Wildest event you ever planned: The Rolling Stones [concert] at the University of Montana. The entire process—from the initial negotiations to the actual performance—spanned three fiscal years. 

Three not-to-be-missed senior week events:

  1. Brunswick Zone (bowling, food, laser tag, video games)
  2. Outdoor movie on the Bald Spot
  3. Champagne reception in Great Hall

Advice for incoming students: Get involved outside of class, but don’t overextend yourself. Take it easy your freshman year until you get a firm grasp on how much time you will need to devote to homework and academic projects.

Most relaxing campus activities–sponsored stress-buster: The late-night breakfast is a great way to take a study break and say hello to faculty and staff members. (Send recommendations for other “stress-buster” activities to

Musicians you would like to see perform at spring concert: Wilco. Their style of music, along with their intelligent, well-written lyrics, would go over well at Carleton.

If you could create a student organization, what would it be? One devoted to helping students fine-tune their leadership skills.

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