Do Over

By Vera Liang Chang ’09

Thank you for discussing the unfortunate choice of the cover caption, “Chang Gang” in your summer Voice’s letters to the editor and publishing several letters. I was distressed to see that the letter I wrote was not printed in full. As a result, it misrepresented my opinion and casts me as historically and politically naive. My letter indicated that that Food Truth is a group effort rather than the work of one individual and, more important, that the jocular use of the phrase, “Chang Gang” is odious because of its associations with prejudice and oppression, particularly directed at African American and Chinese laborers, in American history. 

Here is my complete letter, with the omitted sections highlighted in bold:

“I am delighted that this winter’s Voice featured food and Carls’ work in the food movement. I hope that the cover caption, “Chang Gang” did not leave readers with the impression that Food Truth is a one-person show. I want to emphasize the group’s ongoing collaborative efforts and evolving leadership. In addition, the caption evokes unfortunate associations with American society/history. I thank the editors of the Voice for their interest in student initiated efforts and their understanding of these sensitive issues.

Vera Liang Chang ’09
New York

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