Save the Calendar

By Karen Herrel P ’86 | Mike Guanella ’97 | Sue Weidenbaum P ’99

The [summer supplement to the Voice] and the donor publication [Elements] have limited usefulness and a short life for many readers, and will be available online. Two fewer items in the recycle bin is a good decision [“Save the Trees, Please,” One North College, summer]. The calendar is different. It gets a special place in my kitchen and I refer to it daily. I can’t believe that you want to diminish this important connection with your alumni and parents and friends.

Karen Herrel P ’86
San Mateo, Calif.

The calendar has become a fixture at my desk over the years, and I receive many positive comments about its quality and creative content. I understand our push toward sustainability and the need to look at alternatives to high-grade printed materials. But could alumni be offered a chance to receive the calendar in an alternate form, for a fee, or as a thank-you for a donation to the annual fund? Please don’t take the calendar away.

Mike Guanella ’97
Austin, Minn.

We are pleased to continue supporting Carleton and glad to know that our annual donation will be used responsibly during these times that call for wise economic and environmental stewardship. I only hope you never have to apply this policy to the Voice, which is one of several alumni magazines that we get, but far and away the most inviting to read.

Sue Weidenbaum P ’99
Oberlin, Ohio

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